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This is a question that was put to Dr. Zakir Naik by one of our brothers in Islam. Did JESUS (PBUH) claim divinity?

Q. Assalamu Alaikum Brother – Brother, my name is Ali Hussain. Now in your talk, you have mentioned that… and even in your earlier talks which I have heard…you have mentioned that Jesus in Bible is no where claiming Divinity.

I have gone through a booklet, which was propagating Christianity… and implying that all the sufferings are healed by Jesus (peace be upon him), and it gives the reference that Jesus (pbuh) is saying, ‘I am the Lord who heals you’ and the reference was from Exodus Ch.15, Verse No. 26.

And even it went further, saying that in 1st John, Ch. 1 Verse No. 7… The blood of Jesus (pbuh) – cleanses us from all sins.

Now my emphasis is on the 1st reference, where he it is saying, ‘who heals you’. Now doesn’t this imply, or doesn’t it indicate that Jesus is claiming Divinity?


A. (Dr Zakir): The brother is quoting Exodus, Ch.15, Verse 26, and is saying Jesus says… ‘that I heal you’. Brother, ‘Exodus’ is a part of the old Testament… Old Testament. Jesus Christ never spoke in ‘Exodus’ – Never I said in my talk – there is not a single unequivocal statement in the whole Bible where Jesus (peace be upon him), himself says that ‘he is God’ or ‘Worship me’.

This is the Bible I have got by the Christians – King James Version. Everything what Jesus Christ spoke, is in red – You check it up – This will never be in red. It is not the words of Jesus – It is word of somebody else.

And even if I agree with you, for the sake of argument, that Jesus did say … ‘that he heals’ And the Qur’an does agree with that – and I said in my talk, we believe that he gave life to the dead, with God’s permission.

He healed those born deaf and blind with Gods Permission. So I have got no objection in agreeing that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), did heal the people. It’s our faith – Even we believe in it. But whatever he did, as the Bible says in the Gospel of Mathew, Ch.12, Verse No. 28… ‘He cast out devil by the Spirit of God. Gospel of Luke, Ch.11, Verse No.20 ‘With the finger of God, he cast out devil.


He did everything which bore witness of the Father. So I have got no objection in agreeing, that Jesus did do miracles. But regarding Exodus, it is not the word of Jesuss Christ (peace be upon him) Even if it is I have got no objection, because whatever miracles he did, Jesuss Christ (peace be upon him), said that… ‘This is done by Allah Subuhana Wa Taala.

And again Jesuss Christ (peace be upon him) said in the Gospel of Mathew, Ch. 24 Verse No. 24. ‘For there shall arise many false Christs, and false Prophets… and if it is so possible, they shall deceive the very elect’ – Miracle is not the test.

Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) said – Its mentioned in the Gospel of Mathew, Ch. No. 11, Verse No. 11… ‘Of those that are born of a woman, the greatest person is John the Baptist’ – those that are born of a woman – the greatest person is John the Baptist.

That means, he was greater even than Jesuss (peace be upon him)… because Jesuss was born to Mother Mary. So ‘Amongst all born of a women, the greatest is John the Baptist’ according to Jesuss (peace be upon him). Which miracle did he do? – Not a single. Therefore, miracle is not the criteria to make him God. Hope that answer a question.


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    1. Gospel of John 13:13 says You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right because that is what I am

      Jesus pbuh claimed divinity?

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