muhammad ibn abdul wahhab

Who is Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab?

Who is Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab?

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab was a Scholar from the past who revived the call of tawheed in the lands of the Arabian peninsula, he did not introduce anything new into this religion, and people cant prove this wrong. His beliefs were that of the Qur’an and sunnah. He spoke out against those who introduced matters into the religion such as the Sufies and Shias, and that is why he and those who have the same beliefs as his, those who are protective of the Qur’an and sunnah, are disliked by the sufies and shias.

If you read his book Kitab-at-Tawheed from an objective mind, you wouldn’t be able to find anything questionable. He’s simply hated for his aversion to Biddat & Shirki practices. Another interesting point is that, Wahab is his father’s name and the haters do not realize that they’re actually vilifying his father and not really the sheikh himself.

It is a known fact that every favour has its envier as every preacher has his enemies.

Allah the Exalted said:

"And so We have appointed to every Prophet an enemy - devils among men and jinn - inspiring to each other adorned speech as a delusion. And had your Lord willed, they could not have done it. So leave them alone to their fabrication."
(Al-Quran 6:112)

When the Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab became famous

For his preaching and letters, and his writings received wide popularity among the people, many envious groups emerged as his opponents. Many other enemies also emerged.

These opponents and enemies can be grouped into two. One group opposed him in the name of religion, while the other opposed him in the name of politics though they hid under the cover of knowledge and religion and exploited the enmity of those scholars who had hated him and accused him of deviation.

In fact, there were three groups of the Sheikh’s opponents.

* The first group consisted of the characterless scholars who saw the truth as falsehood and the falsehood as truth. They believed that building domes and mosques over the graves and invoking those in the graves for help and the like were right and pertaining to Islam. They also thought that whoever was against such things hated the righteous and the saints and that jihad against him was compulsory.

* The second group was associated with knowledge; but they were ignorant of the reality of the Sheikh’s mission. They knew nothing about the truth to which he was calling the people; they simply followed others and believed whatever was said by the characterless, superstitious scholars. Consequently, they even believed that he had hated the prophets and saints and denied their miracles. Therefore, they condemned him and kept aloof from him.

* The third group feared the removal of their positions and ranks. They showed him hostility so that the supporters of the Islamic mission might not reach them and remove their positions and take over their lands.

During the history of this great religion (Islam)

There has always been people who try to add and innovate according to their desires, traditions, customs… etc. But luckily Alhamdulillah, Allah (subhana wa taala) has always sent us people who struggled to make sure that we (you and me) get this religion unchanged, in its pure form.
One of these people was Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab (RhA). (نحسبه كذلك ولا نزكي على الله أحدا)
because he exposed the Shirk practices that became so widespread at the time (a lot of which still exist today). We are very indebted to people like him who endured a great deal of suffering in order to bring us Islam in its pure form.

Sufis falsely claim of Shiekh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhabi killed people indiscriminately including in Masjid al haram.

The Kitaab which was written by Sulaymaan in an attempt at refuting Shaykh-ul-Islaam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhaab an-Najdi, was originally named: "Fasl-ul-Khitaab, fir Raddialaa Muhammad-ibni-Abdil Wahhaab". Later on the name was changed to: "As-Sawaaiq-ul-Ilaahiyyah, fir Raddi `alal Wahhaabiyyah”.

In response, Shaykh (Rahimahullaah) wrote the Kitaab: “Mufeed-ul-Mustafeed, fee Kufri Taarik-it-Tawheed”, wherein Sulaymaan is refuted.

Many other refutations were also written against Imaam ibn Abdul Wahhaab, but the authors of the majority of these were those drenched in Shirk, Bidaat, false `Aqaa’id, dislike for the Sunnah, dislike for Jihaad fee Sabeelillaah (Physically fighting the Kuffaar), etc. Hence, their refutations are not to be taken notice of.

We can ourselves see today how the Kuffaar, sufis/barelwees and Munaafiqeen attempt to malign the true Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa`and Defenders of Islaam, people fabricate lies, This is all done in an effort to dissuade (ignorant) people away from rising up in defense of the Deen of Islaam and following the true path as legislated by Allah subhana wa taala and his messenger peace be upon him.

May Allah guide us all to the true path.

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