Praise be to Allah.
The issue of this (love marriage or arranged marriage) depends on the ruling on what came before it. If the love between the two parties did not transgress the limits set by Allah or make them commit sin, then there is the hope that the marriage which results from this love will be more stable, because it came about as the result of the fact that each of them wanted to marry the other.

If a man feels some attraction towards a woman whom it is permissible for him to marry her, and vice versa, there is no answer to the problem except marriage. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “We do not think that there is anything better for those who love one another than marriage.” (Narrated by Ibn Maajah, 1847; classed as saheeh by al-Busayri and by Shaykh al-Albaani in al-Silsilah al-Saheehah, 624)

Al-Sindi said, as noted in Haamish Sunan Ibn Maajah :

The phrase “We do not think that there is anything better for those who love one another than marriage” may be understood to refer to two or to more than two. What this means is that if there is love between two people, that love cannot be increased or made to last longer by anything like marriage.  If there is marriage as well as that love, that love will increase and grow stronger every day.”

love marriage
Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage

But if that marriage comes about as a result of an illicit love relationship, such as when they meet and are alone together and kiss one another, and other haraam actions, then it will never be stable, because they committed actions that go against sharee’ah and because they have built their lives on things that will have the effect of reducing blessings and support from Allah, for sin is a major factor in reducing blessings, even though some people think, because of the Shaytaan’s whispers, that falling in love and doing haraam deeds makes marriage stronger.

Moreover, these illicit relationships that take place before marriage will be a cause to make each party doubtful about the other.

The husband will think that his wife may possibly have a similar relationship with someone else, and even if he thinks it unlikely, he will still be troubled by the fact that his wife did do something wrong with him.

And the same thoughts may occur to the wife too, and she will think that her husband could possibly have an affair with another woman, and even if she thinks it unlikely, she will still be troubled by the fact that her husband did something wrong with her.

So each partner will live in a state of doubt and suspicion, which will ruin their relationship sooner or later.

The husband may condemn his wife for having agreed to have a relationship with him before marriage, which will be upsetting for her, and this will cause their relationship to deteriorate.

love marriage

Hence we think that if a marriage is based upon an illicit premarital relationship, it will most likely be unstable and will not be successful.

With regard to arranged marriages where the family chooses the partner, they are not all good and not all bad. If the family makes a good choice and the woman is religious and beautiful, and the husband likes her and wants to marry her, then there is the hope that their marriage will be stable and successful. Hence the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) urged the one who wants to get married to look at the woman.

It was narrated from al-Mugheerah ibn Shu’bah that he proposed marriage to a woman, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Go and look at her, because that is more likely to create love between you.” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 1087; classed as hasan by al-Nasaa’i, 3235)

But if the family make a bad choice, or they make a good choice but the husband does not agree with it, then this marriage is most likely doomed to failure and instability, because the marriage that is based on lack of interest usually is not stable.

And Allah knows best.

(Source Islam Q&A)



Marriage is a very special and sacred bond created by Allah subhana-wa-ta’ala between a man and a woman.
Marriage makes them permissible for one another and lives a life of beauty. Allah azzawajal has described in glorious Quran this relationship in most beautiful terms and has mentioned that this bond is filled with love, mercy, compassion, security, and understanding. (love marriage)

“And among His signs is this that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts: Verily in that are signs for those who reflect. (Quran 30:21)

Thus a marriage is a blessing and a source of mercy and comfort for a man. It is also a very important Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw)

love marriage
Love Marriage

Love Marriage :

 The Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) said:

“The Nikah is my Sunnah (way), whosoever leaves my Sunnah is not from amongst me” (Kitabus Sunan – Mishkat)

In another narration he has narrated: 

“Young men, those of you who can support a wife should marry, for it keeps you from looking at non-permissible females and protects you from immorality. However, those who cannot devote themselves to fasting, for it is a means of suppressing sexual desire.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

In Islam, a marriage is valid if both bride and groom have accepted the bond and by the permission of the parents of both of them. 

Islam does not blame a person’s feeling. One can have a feeling of love for known or unknown reason and he/she is not accountable for what he feels. The emotion of love that one feels is not the subject of questioning on the day of Judgement. But the actions that follow that emotion are accountable.

If the actions lead to evil, it is forbidden. If it doesn’t then it is acceptable. If it prompts you to see that person in seclusion, talk to them for hours, hide that from your parents than it is forbidden, my brothers and sisters. 

love marriage

Some Hadith and Quranic verses that support this:

“….then be not soft in speech, lest he in whose heart is a disease (of hypocrisy, or evil desire for adultery) should be moved with desire” (Quran – Surah Al-Ahzaab : 32)

“Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him not be alone with a woman who has no mahram present, for the third one present will be the Shaytaan.” (Ahmad – saheeh by al-Albaani)

“And come not near to unlawful sex. Verily, it is a Faahishah (i.e. anything that transgresses its limits: a great sin, and an evil way that leads one to hell unless Allah Forgives him)” (Quran – Al-Isra’ : 32)

“If one of you were to be stabbed in the head with an iron needle, that would be better for him than his touching a woman who is not permissible for him.” (Al-Tabaraani –saheeh by al-Albaani)

Marriages that are done due to people falling in love are acceptable as long as they do not cross the limits set by Allah azawajal (love marriage).

If a person happens to love someone he/she should approach the other lawfully and get married immediately (love marriage). For marriage will protect them from evil sexual desires and indeed from hellfire.

“And of His signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you might reside with them, and has put love and mercy between you. Surely, there are signs in this for those who think. (Quran – Al-Room : 21)

If a child asks his/her parent to get him/her married than they must do so immediately. Excuses like caste, race, color, society, financial status etc. are not accepted. The only things that matter are the deen of Allah and a good character. If you deny your child the right to marriage with the person of their choice on the grounds of financial status or caste than you are accountable for your action. May Allah protect us all.

Abu Hurairah narrates that the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) said :

“when one with whose religion and character you are satisfied asks your daughter in marriage then accede to his request. If you do not do so then there will be a temptation in the earth and extensive corruption”. (Tirmidhi)

love marriage

In Islam, it is not a sin to feel a specific way or feeling of affection for a certain individual since a human being has no control over such things. However, he is definitely responsible for the actions that follow. He will be accountable if he got carried away by this feeling. That is where a man has to restrain himself and protect himself from harm.

Islam does not allow the illicit relationship between a man and a woman. Allah has established the bond of marriage between a man and a woman so that both of them enjoy each other’s company in a legitimate way and bot may attain Allah’s mercy and blessing. There is no blessing in an illicit affair.

Islam forbids all forms of ‘dating’ and isolating oneself with a member of the opposite sex, as well indiscriminate mingling and mixing.

Correspondence between sexes leads to fitnah. If, however, one does none of the above, and all that he or she wants is to seriously consider marrying someone, such a thing itself is not considered haram.

In fact, Islam encourages us to marry persons for whom we have special feelings and affinity. Thus, Islam recommends that potential marriage partners see one another before proposing marriage. Which in no sense means that we are allowed to “date”.

Love Marriage :

The permissible ways to get the one whom you loves are sufficient i.e

Contact the wali or the guardian of the person whom you desire to marry, there is no need for haraam means (love marriage), but we make it hard for ourselves and the Shaytaan takes advantage of that.

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

A person may hear that a woman is of good character and virtuous and knowledgeable so he may want to marry her. Or a woman may hear that a man is of good character and virtuous and knowledgeable and religiously committed, so she may want to marry him.

love marriage

But contact between the two who admire one another in ways that are not Islamically acceptable is the problem, which leads to disastrous consequences (love marriage). In this case, it is not permissible for the man to get in touch with the woman or for the woman to get in touch with the man and say that he wants to marry her.

Rather he should tell her wali (guardian) that he wants to marry her, or she should tell her wali that she wants to marry him, as ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) did when he offered his daughter Hafsah in marriage to Abu Bakr and ‘Uthmaan (may Allaah be pleased with them both). But if the woman contacts the man directly or if the man contacts woman directly, this is may lead to fitnah (temptation).


Discipline for Zina (Unlawful Sexual Intercourse)

In this life
Sex (fornication) is 100 lashes

“The male and female who submit sex (zina fornication) – flagellate every one of them with one hundred lashes, and let not sympathy for both of them shield you from following Allah’s religion, on the off chance that you put stock in Allah and the Last Day. Furthermore, let a gathering of devotees witness their discipline (punishment).” [Noble Quran 24:2]

Infidelity (adultery) is demise (death)

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon hin) stated: “It isn’t allowed to shed the blood of any Muslim… With the exception of in three cases: a spirit for a spirit, the wedded individual who submits infidelity (adultery), and the person who spurns his religion…” [Bukhari and Muslim]

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stated:

“When somebody submits Zina or beverages (drinks) wine, Allah expels his confidence (faith) from him, similarly as an individual takes his shirt off over his head”

Punishment for Zina

In the Hereafter

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) stated:

“On the Day of Resurrection, Allah won’t address nor take a gander at nor cleanse three kinds of individuals:- an elderly person who submits Zina, a lying lord (king) and a vainglorious poor person.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him) stated:

“We went on and touched base almost a pit which resembled and stove, out of which we could hear cries. We looked into it and exposed (naked) people (men and women), who shouted out when the flares contacted them from beneath. I asked: ‘Who are these, O Gabriel?’ He answered, ‘Guys and females who have submitted sex (fornication).'” [Bukhari]

The Prophet (harmony arrive) stated:


“The man who has laid his hand with desire on a lady who isn’t passable (permissible) to him will come on the Day of Judgment with his hand fixing to his neck. In the event that he kissed her, his lips will be cut in the Fire, and on the off chance that he had sex (intercourse) with her, his reproductive organs (private parts) will talk against him in the Day of Judgment saying: ‘I did what was illegal.’ Allah Most High will take a gander at him with indignation, and the substance all over will list and he will look run down and old. He will state: ‘What did I do?’

His tongue will observer against him saying, ‘I said what was illegal
(forbidden)’; his hands will talk and say, ‘We went after what was taboo
(forbidden)’; every one of his feet will state. ‘I went to a prohibited place.’; and his genitals (private parts)  will state, ‘I did it.’
A one of the guardian angels will state, ‘I heard it.’ and the other gatekeeper angels will state, ‘I composed (wrote) it,’ and Allah Most High will state, ‘I knew it yet I disguised (concealed) it.’ Then He will state ‘My heavenly attendants, take him and give him! an essence of My discipline (punishment). Extraordinary is My resentment against the man who had so little disgrace towards Me!'”

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stated:

“In the event that somebody submits Zina with a wedded ladies, in the grave there will be a discipline (punishment) on him and on her equivalent to a large portion of the discipline (punishment) of this Ummah…”

Watch This Video!!! Zina and its Punishment

May Allah ensure (protect) all of us. Aameen



All Praise be to Allah

There are more serious moral problems that are present in our society and among them is the filthiest act of bestiality (Intercourse with animals). In today’s world, it is a growing evil and a great problem. The act did not occur at the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and there is no evidence about any such happenings in that time. However, the act is so evil that there is no doubt that it is included in major sins.

The sin was not committed by anyone (among shahaba) during the best time of the world. That generation was uniquely ideal, even the sinners among them. Read the story of Maa‘iz and the Ghaamidi woman who committed zina, then when they came to their senses after committing that sin, they were not content until they came to the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and insisted that he should purify them by carrying out the hard punishment on them. May Allah be pleased with them.

Filthy Bestiality (intercourse with animals)
Filthy Bestiality (intercourse with animals)

Allah protected that generation by his mercy from the most of sins and even sins such as homosexuality, lesbianism and bestiality. Such acts were definitely not done by the companions of the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). There is no known report of anyone being brought to the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) because of having committed sins such as these.

Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

There is no proven report from the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) to say that he passed judgment concerning any case of homosexuality, because this was not known among the Arabs, and no such case was brought to him (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). But it is proven that he said: “Execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.” This was narrated by the authors of the four Sunans, and its isnaad is saheeh. At-Tirmidhi said: It is a hasan hadeeth. End quote from Zaad al-Ma‘aad (5/36-37)

Similarly, the evil of bestiality was not known during that time and no such person was presented to the prophet (peace be upon him) for having done such an act. The hadith that mention this does not mean it was committed during that time, however, it was mentioned for sharing purposes.

Bestiality (intercourse with animals)
Bestiality (intercourse with animals)

It was narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “If you find that someone has had intercourse with an animal, kill him and kill the animal too.” Narrated by Abu Dawood (4464) and at-Tirmidhi (1455) – this version was narrated by him. The scholars differed as to the soundness of this report; some of them classed it as saheeh and others classed it as da‘eef.

Daaef or saheeh, in both cases it is not acceptable behavior of Muslim.

And even if we assume that it is saheeh, nothing in this hadith suggest that it occurred at the time of the Prophet(peace be upon him) or a particular person did it. Moreover, The hadeeth says “If you find that someone has…” Here the Messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) was stating and affirming the shar‘i ruling, and it is addressed to the entire ummah.


It is a filthy act and is not accepted in Islam. Although no such case happened during the time of prophet it doesn’t mean it is not evil and he has mentioned it for the shari purpose. A believer must refrain from such acts and warn people against it.

May Allah help us. May he keep our youth from such evil. May he help our brothers and sisters in their emaan.



In the name of Allah, most compassionate and most merciful.

“From among the signs of the Hour (end of time) are that religious knowledge will be taken away (by the death of religious scholars), ignorance will prevail, drinking of alcoholic drinks, and there will be a prevalence of Zina.” – Prophet (saw) We begin our topic with these words of our beloved Prophet.

Sex before Marriage
Sex before Marriage

How true were his words? We live in a world where all these things are prevalent and unfortunately in our Muslim community as well. Many of our Muslim brothers and sisters are trapped in the evil of Zina and it has become a norm for them, as a result they don’t even consider it haram and unlawful.

Allah says in holy Quran: Sūrah al-Isrā’, 17:32:
“And do not even approach zina, for it is an outrageous act, and an evil way…’’

We are not going into detail about why Zina is unlawful but in this article, you will find the consequences of this sin. How this affects a life of a person physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

Imaam Ibn Al-Qayyim said,
“Fornication and adultery combine all evils; weakness in commitment to the religion, lack of piety, corruption of manhood and the decrease of praiseworthy jealousy. You will never find an adulterer or fornicator who is pious, fulfills his promises, is truthful in his speech, maintains a friendship or has jealousy over his wife; he will be characterized by lies, deception, betrayal, accepting prohibitions and not being mindful of Allah.”

All these characteristics are consequences of fornication and adultery.

1. Incurring the wrath of Allah The Almighty.

Naturally, Allah has ordered us in holy Quran to stay away from it and one who doesn’t will be punished.

2. Poverty and gloominess of the face, which will be apparent topeople. 

A fornicator will have no Noor on his face. He will face hardships in this life and hereafter if he doesn’t repent. He will be in constant anxiety and his gloominess and sadness will be apparent from his face.

3. Becoming Insignificant.

Sex before Marriage
Sex before Marriage

A person becomes insignificant in the eyes of Allah and in the eyes of people as well. Allah will degrade his situation to worse. It can lead to murder.

Yes, illegal and illicit relations often lead to unwanted pregnancies and therefore abortions. An abortion is a crime and a sin. It is a murder of a soul that has no fault in the sins of a person.

4. Divorce rates are increased.

When a person is in the deep sin of Zina, he/she doesn’t derive pleasure in Halaal relation with his spouse and hence the rates of divorce are increased.

5. It steals Barakah from your earnings.

With Zina, a person spends on unlawful things and contributes to facilitating the activities of Zina. As such the blessings of Allah are removed from his earnings.

6. Worldly Punishment according to shariah.

Sex before marriage is Zina
Sex before marriage, STOP!

Allah The Almighty commanded His Messenger sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah exalt his mention ) to take a pledge from women who entered Islam to refrain from fornication and adultery. Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {“O Prophet! When believing women come to you to give you the Bai`ah (pledge), that they will not associate anything in worship with Allah, that they will not steal, that they will not commit illegal sexual intercourse, that they will not kill their children… then accept their pledge.”} [Quran, 60: 12]

Allah The Almighty made the punishment for these sins vary from lashing to stoning to death, along with the humiliation which results from informing the community of the perpetrators of this sin. Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {“The fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day.

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And let a party of the believers witness their punishment. [This is for unmarried persons, but if married, the punishment is to stone them to death].”} [Quran, 24: 2]

The Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah exalt his mention) set the penalty for adultery and fornication as follows: “If the parties (committing fornication) are unmarried, they should receive a hundred lashes and be put into exile for a year. If they commit adultery after they are married, they should receive a hundred lashes and then be stoned to death.” [Muslim]

7. Punishment of Grave.

Those who commit Zina are severely punished in their grave as well. In a very long hadith, Allah’s Messenger relates a dream in which he saw how a number of sinners are being punished in the intermediate life of al-Barzakh (life in the grave). Samurah bin Jundub reported that one morning Allah’s Messenger said: “Last night two men came to me (in a dream) and said, “Come with us.”

Sex before marriage leads to Hell Fire.
Sex before marriage leads to Hell Fire.

I went with them to a sacred land … We proceeded until we came upon a hole in the ground that resembled a baking pit, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Babbling and voices were issuing from it. We looked in and saw naked men and women. Ünderneath the pit was a raging fire; whenever it flared up, they screamed and rose with it until they almost fell out of the pit.

As it subsided, they returned (to the bottom). I said, “Who are these?” They said, “Come along!” … I said, “Since the beginning of this night, you have taken me to different places, and I have seen amazing things! What is all this that I saw?” They said, “We will now tell you … As for the naked men and women who were in the pit, they are men and women who indulge in zina … And I am Jibreel, and this is Meka’eel…”

May Allah Protect us.

Ruling on Masturbation and How to Cure the Problem

Masturbation is haraam in Islam for both men and women.

It is forbidden and there are numerous evidence that point out this.  Masturbation is a sin which tempts and leads a person towards Zina and immodesty.

Masturbation is a sin
Masturbation is a sin

All believing men and women are to guard their chastity and refrain from such evil acts. The religion of Islam wants a person to be of extremely pure and modest nature.

There is no place for any kind of immodest or wickedness in Islam. Allah subhana-wa-ta’ala has made all the good and lawful things pure and clean and the impure things are regarded as unlawful.

It is because of this the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “the best of the people is the one with the good character”. Hence a person must always strive to be of best character.

In another narration, he says: “When your modesty goes on reducing (and there remains no veil of a hindrance in between you and immorality), then do whatever you wish”. (Bukhari)
We can conclude from this hadith that with the beginning of masturbation, the modesty of a person goes on decreasing to a level where he doesn’t care about any immorality conducted by him. He is left with no shame and doesn’t fear Allah subhana-wa-ta’ala.

In one of the narration Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) mentions that: ““Modesty is a branch of Imaan” (Bukhari)

Purity and Cleanliness: Masturbation haram
Purity and Cleanliness

Hence a person who indulges in evil acts of immorality are the ones with week Imaan or in other words, the faith of a person is weakened by the evils of immodesty and immorality.
From the Quranic perspective, Imam Shaafi stated that masturbation is Haraam and forbidden from the following verses of Quran.

“And those who guard their chastity (i.e. private parts, from illegal sexual acts). Except for their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, – for them, they are free from blame. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors.” 23.5-7
“And let those who find not the financial means for marriage keep themselves chaste until Allah enriches them of His bounty.” 24.33.

In the first verse above it can be clearly seen that the illegal sexual acts(including Masturbation) are forbidden and whoever indulges in it is a transgressor.
In the second verse, we can see that if a  person is capable of marrying must marry and protect himself from evil acts and if he is not capable of marrying(financially) than he must fast as fasting will help him in being patient in facing temptations.

How to stop masturbation
How to stop masturbation?

Curing the habit of masturbation :

1. The intention. The motive to cure the problem must be to attain Allah’s blessings and solely based on fearing His punishment.

2. Marriage. If a person is financially capable of marrying that he should not waste any time and get married soon as this will protect him from immorality.

stop masturbation

3. Keeping oneself busy with the work and worshipping Allah subhana-wa-ta’ala.

4. Avoid watching indecent movies, photographs, and pornography that promotes immorality and immodesty.

5. Lowering your gaze.

6. Using your leisure in helping others and worshipping Allah.

7. Being aware of the health problems such as weak eyesight, back pain etc caused by the masturbation.

8. Avoiding the thoughts that it is permissible because it prevents one from committing Zina. No, it leads one to it.

9. Willpower. a strong willpower is mandatory to achieve anything and if a person is not sincere and lacks willpower than he will not be able to cope up with the problem.

Masturbation is Evil Act
Masturbation is an evil act

10. Follow Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)`s advice i.e. fasting. If the problem is too chronic that a person is advised to fast as it diminishes the power of sexual temptations.

11. Keep a good company. Try to be with people who are god fearing and righteous. Avoid to be in the company of those for whom immorality is normal.

12. Ask Allah to cure you. Seek his forgiveness and do tawbah.

May Allah protect and help us. May Allah keep us from all the roots of evil and wickedness.


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Masturbation Problems

Masturbation .. Read and Share !!

Masturbation is haram
Masturbation is Haram
  • Masturbation will cause urine problems.
  • Masturbation effects on pregnancy after marriage.
  • Masturbation affect facial hair growth, body growth, facial, testicles, or skin problems, or cause many physical issues.
  • It weakens the sexual organs and creates partial looseness in it.
  • It weakens the nerves generally – a result of the exertion caused by this action.
  • It creates seminal (spermatic) inflammation in the testicles which causes quick ejaculation of sperm.
  • It affects the growth of the limbs especially the outer part of the urethra (duct through which urine is discharged from the bladder and the testicles). Hence it does not reach the limit of it’s normal growth.
  • It causes pain in the vertebra column, the spinal column from which semen is ejaculated. This pain creates crookedness and twisting in the back.
  • It causes some limbs like the legs to shake and shiver.
  • It creates weakness in the cerebral glands of the brain which, in turn, weakens the power of perception and reason. Similarly, it leads to the weakness of memory.
  • It weakens the eye-sight and reduces its normal limit of vision.
  • It causes a person to become old before time.
  • It weakens the very delicate and fine nerves and veins of the sexual organs resulting in sexual impotency.
  • It causes an excessive loss of sperm by way of nocturnal emission (wet dreams).
  • It decreases the natural resistance of the body.
porn masturbation
  • It causes harm to the four principal organs in the body viz, the heart, brain, liver and stomach.
  • It decreases the natural animal heat in the body, heat which strengthens the soul and body.
  • It causes an excessive loss of blood. Remember it takes 80 drops of blood to produce one drop of sperm. (Tajjus Sihat, pg 11)
  • It weakens the bladder.

The act of masturbation is prohibited in Islam, and must be avoided by the believers.

But just to put it into perspective, the sin of masturbation is not as grave as the sin of zina (adultery or fornication). But it definitely is a sin, and an evil act, and must be avoided by the believers.

Sin of Masturbation
Sin of Masturbation 

Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 24 Surah Noor verse 30:

O Prophet, enjoin the believing men to restrain their gaze, and guard their private parts. This is a more righteous way for them. Allah has knowledge of whatever they do.

Allah has commanded the believers to lower their gaze, and guard their chastity. This is a more righteous way for them. The act of zina (fornication or adultery) is a great sin in Islam. But the Prophet S.A.W warned us against committing zina of the eyes, zina of the feet, zina of the hands, etc.

If ones eyes are constantly watching sexual movies, magazines, etc. it would be considered zina of the eyes. If one goes to the place to commit zina or to the place of sexual movies, magazines, etc., it would be considered zina of the feet. Similarly, the act of masturbation, could be considered a zina of the eyes, or hands, etc.

It is a sin and an evil act, and must be avoided by the believers.

Purify your gaze (masturbation)

It has been reported in an authentic narration, that the Messenger of Allah S.A.W said, “O young people! Whoever among you can marry, should marry, because it helps him lower his gaze and guard his modesty; and whoever is not able to marry, should fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual power.”

Thus if one is unable to control his sexual desire, he should get married, rather than get involved in committing sins like masturbation and zina (fornication or adultery).

And if one is unable to marry, he should fast, as the Messenger of Allah S.A.W says, that fasting reduces the persons sexual desire, and thus will stay away from committing sin.

And Allah Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

May Allah SWT guide you and us all to the Siraat al-Mustaqeem. Ameen

Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allahs Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.





All Praise be to Allah, the lord of the Heavens and Earth.


Any form of relationship between man and a woman, which is called and the unlawful and illicit relation is Haraam. It doesn’t matter if it goes as far as being intimate (Zina) which is indeed most hated, reprehensible and abhorrent type of a sin. It poses a great danger to individuals religious commitment and faith, or it is less than that, such as looking, touching or kissing. All of that is haraam and these are types of Zina in the general sense and are things that lead to the greater immoral action.


If the marriage takes place after a haraam relationship between a man and woman, then one of the following scenarios must apply:

 1. Either that marriage comes after an illegitimate sexual relationship, in which case the marriage is not valid except on the condition that both the man and woman repent from Zina and it be established that the woman is not pregnant as a result of the haraam relationship, because Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): 

“The adulterer/fornicator marries not but an adulteress/fornicatress or a Mushrikah; and the adulteress/fornicatress, none marries her except an adulterer/fornication or a Mushrik [and that means that the man who agrees to marry (have a sexual relation with) a Mushrikah (female polytheist, pagan or idolatress) or a prostitute, then surely, he is either an adulterer/fornicator, or a Mushrik (polytheist, pagan or idolater). And the woman who agrees to marry (have a sexual relation with) a Mushrik (polytheist, pagan or idolater) or an adulterer/fornicator, then she is either a prostitute or a Mushrikah (female polytheist, pagan, or idolatress)]. Such a thing is forbidden to the believers (of Islâmic Monotheism)” [al-Noor 24:3].

2. That marriage comes from a haraam relationship, but the relationship did not go as far as Zina, such as kissing, touching and other haraam actions that are less serious than Zina. In this case, the marriage is valid because it cannot be said of those who fell into this haraam relationship that they committed Zina. 

And Allah knows best.


Homosexuality: “This sin, the impact of which makes one’s skin crawl, which words cannot describe, is evidence of perverted instincts, total collapse of shame and honor, and extreme filthiness of character and soul… The heavens, the Earth, and the mountains tremble from the impact of this sin. The angels shudder as they anticipate the punishment of Allah to descend upon the people who commit this indescribable sin.”

 Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Fawzan, The Evil Sin of Homosexuality

Islam doesn’t merely disapprove homosexuality, it terms it as a vile and evil sin that is considered worse than fornication and adultery and is punishable by stoning to death.

The homosexual person goes against the natural fitrah (disposition) which Allah has created for mankind and Allah has warned against falling into such evil sins. The homosexuality causes various diseases that no one can deny. It causes families to break up and may lead a person to leave his work and family because he is occupied with such perversions. A person is left with no shame and honor.  Allah has forbidden it and any sane, reasonable and modest person would not question on the prohibition of this immorality. As a Muslim, we must believe that whatever Allah has forbidden is indeed harmful to mankind and vice-versa.

Ibn al-Qayyim said: 

Both of them – fornication and homosexuality – involve immorality that goes against the wisdom of Allaah’s creation and commandment. For homosexuality involves innumerable evil and harms, and the one to whom it is done would be better off being killed than having this done to him, because after that he will become so evil and so corrupt that there can be no hope of his being reformed, and all good is lost for him, and he will no longer feel any shame before Allaah or before His creation. The semen of the one who did that to him will act as a poison on his body and soul. The scholars differed as to whether the one to whom it is done will ever enter Paradise. There are two opinions which I heard Shaykh al-Islam (may Allaah have mercy on him) narrate.”

(Al-Jawaab al-Kaafi, p. 115).

Quranic evidence:

“…For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds…. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)” –Quran (7:80-84)

From this verse, we can conclude that the man who prefers a man over women are indeed transgressors and liable to punishment and their punishment is death by stoning as what happened to the people of Lot. It is an interpretation of the majority of Muslim scholars that the “raining of stones” means the destruction of such people by stoning. (Inexplicably, the story is also repeated in three other suras: 15:74, 27:58 and 29:40).

“Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you?”  Quran (7:18)

This verse clearly establishes that homosexuality as a different form and much worse than the adultery and fornication. According to Arabic grammar, it is called as worst sin whereas other forms of Zina are considered as great sins. From here we can conclude that it is indeed a great evil.

Other Quranic evidence:

“Verily, you practice your lusts on men instead of women. Nay, but you are a people transgressing beyond bounds (by committing great sins)’” (al-A’raaf 7:80-81)

“Verily, We sent against them a violent storm of stones (which destroyed them all), except the family of Loot (Lot), them We saved in the last hour of the night” (al-Qamar 54:34)

“And (remember) Loot (Lot), when he said to his people: ‘you commit Al‑Faahishah (sodomy the worst sin) which none has preceded you in (committing) it in the ‘Aalameen (mankind and jinn)’” (al-‘Ankaboot 29:28)

Allah mentions in glorious Quran that none of the mankind or Jinn’s had committed such worst sins before the people of Lut (AS) and this was the reason for their destruction. It is a clear warning of Allah aza-wa-jal to mankind to stay away from it.

 “And (remember) Loot (Lot), We gave him Hukm (right judgment of the affairs and Prophethood) and (religious) knowledge, and We saved him from the town (folk) who practiced Al‑Khabaa’ith (evil, wicked and filthy deeds). Verily, they were a people given to evil and were Faasiqoon (rebellious, disobedient to Allaah)” (al-Anbiya’ 21:74)

The deed of homosexuality is termed as a vile, evil and filthy deed by Allah aza-wa-jal. This is the immorality which has no place in Islamic society.

Evidence from Hadith and Sira:

It was narrated that Jaabir (may Allaah be pleased with him): “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘There is nothing I fear for my ummah more than the deed of the people of Loot.’” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 1457; Ibn Maajah, 2563.)

It was narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas said: “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “… cursed is the one who has intercourse with an animal, cursed is the one who does the action of the people of Loot.” (Narrated by Ahmad, 1878.)

It was narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas said: “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘Whoever you find doing the deed of the people of Loot, kill the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 1456.)

{This Hadith : Kill the one who does it……   is for Muslim ruler, not for Common Muslims.}

In most of the Islamic countries where shariah law is strictly applied, homosexuals are beheaded,  killed by stoning or throwing from rooftops.

We as a Muslim should never support such LGBT or homosexual groups and should never think leniently about them. They don’t deserve sympathy and should be condemned. Neither should a Muslim engage in such evil practices unless he wishes to dwell in the pit of fire for the eternity.

And Allah knows best.


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, 

Islam is a religion of modesty. It promotes modesty and shame in every act we do. In fact, modesty is something that differentiates a person from the animal. However, the issues of sexual behavior must be discussed and one should not shy away from learning about these matters as even the Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them) would not shy away from asking questions about intimacy.

Our Prophet (saw) would also advise and teach people upon such matters despite being the most modest person the world has known. He would never be ashamed to teach the truth.

1. The first issue is regarding Oral Sex. Is it permissible? 

There are differing views about this according to different scholars. Most of the Muslim scholars are of the opinion that oral sex is permissible (halal) but disliked. As long as it does not involve swallowing the semen it is okay.

This could be said as there is no clear evidence in Quran and Sunnah that forbids it.

Shedding some more light on the issue, as far as oral sex involves kissing the private parts where there is no involvement of swallowing the semen (Mani) or pre-ejaculatory fluid (Madhi) than it is permissible, although disliked. Also, the act must not be forced on anyone and must not cause harm.

However if by oral sex means to swallow the filth, it is not permissible. The filth in all forms taken in a mouth is unlawful. These fluids are impure thus taking them orally is not permissible. If the same act is performed using a condom and filthy fluids are avoided then there is no problem in that.

In conclusion, It is not prohibited and is not haram but due to the nature of this act it is not considered to be a proper conduct of a Muslim, The mouth that is used in the Dikhr of Allah, recite Quran and send salutations on Prophet Muhammad (saw), cannot be used in such filthy and dirty practices and should be avoided. A Muslim of high morality and conduct will not imitate a non-Muslim and will avoid it.

2. The second issue is regarding Anal Sex. Is it permissible? 

There is no question in the fact that anal sex is totally prohibited in Islam. As Allah azawajal mentions in holy Quran clearly: “Say: They are hurt and a pollution; so keep away from women in their courses and do not approach them until they are clean. But when they have purified themselves ye may approach them in a manner, time, or place ordained for you by Allah. For Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and he loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.” (Quran, 2:222)

One may find many narrations regarding this issue of Messenger of Allah (saw) that forbid it straight away. “The one who has intercourse with his wife in her anus has disavowed himself of that which was revealed to Muhammad ﷺ.” (Abu Dawud) “Allah will not look (with mercy) at the one that has anal sex with his wife” (meaning on the day of Qiyamah). (Sunan Nasa’i) “Allah will not look at a man who has intercourse with a woman in her anus.” (Tirmidhi)

“Allah is not too shy, to tell the truth,” three times. “Do not have intercourse with women in their back passages.” (Ibn Majah)

“Sunan of Abu-Dawood Hadith 2157 Narrated by Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet (saw) said: the who has intercourse with his wife through her anus is accursed.”

“Sunan of Abu-Dawood Hadith 3895 Narrated by Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet (saw) said: If anyone resorts to a diviner and believes in what he says, or has intercourse with his wife when she is menstruating or has intercourse with his wife through her anus, he has nothing to do with what has been sent down to Muhammad (saw)!”

In conclusion, it is totally haram and must be abstained from. May Allah guide us.

3. Sex during menstruation (Haidh) 

The Quran and clearly prohibited the intercourse of a husband and a wife during menstruation. Allah Azawajal says in Holy Quran: “They ask you (O Prophet) regarding menstruation. Say It his hurtful and impure. So abstain from women (sexually) in menstruation.” (Sura al-Baqarah, V.222) Also In numerous hadith, it is mentioned that intercourse during menstruation is unlawful. The Prophet (saw) said: “Approach from the front or the back, but avoid anal sex and sex during menstruation.” (Tirmidhi) Hence it is unlawful and must be avoided.

May Allah guide us and protect us. 

These relationships that you think are so awesome? This message is for you especially teenagers of our Ummah.

Who kinda of shot an email and somebody emailed them back and a little Facebook thing happened you know? a little wink here and there in the playground even though it’s a separate school but in reeses we saw each other, like a little bit of that happened, you know all of this is a product of low self-esteem, you think you’re ugly so if a guy thinks you’re cute, you’re like: o really? i am beautiful? you have low self-esteem, you think nobody’s gonna like you, nobody’s gonna want to marry you and all that stuff.

Now coming back to guys, we don’t have good friendships and good relationships and we’re looking for something always? and let me tell you just because you have raging hormones and you’re like daydreaming about girls and things like that, it doesn’t mean that you’re in love? it just means that you haven’t controlled your temptations yet and you’re ruining somebody’s life. You’re ruining an entire family, do you realize what you’re doing? and you call it love?

Tell me if she was like 50 pounds fatter, you’d still be in love? if she was a burn victim or something, if her hand burnt off or her ear was missing, you’d still be in love? or you’d find somebody else to love all of a sudden? and if you can’t answer that question honestly then come on, you’re not in love, you’re just hormonal, that’s all you are, you know? this is what we’ve done to relationships that are supposed to be beautiful, marriage is supposed to be a beautiful relationship, it’s supposed to be a lifelong relationship but because you’re watching all of these models on TV and stupid like you know? women that are just throwing themselves at men all the stuff and you develop this delusional concept of what it means to have love in your life.

My dear brothers and sisters our Deen (religion) came to free the world from this nonsense because we have a more mature understanding of what it means to have love in your life, you know? I’m not saying you shouldn’t marry someone you like, you should, you should be attracted to your future spouse, all of those things are fine but there’s a decency that you have to exhibit before that, you know?

And if you’re okay with talking to a girl like that then you should be okay with somebody talking to your sister, you’re okay with that too? not if you have any ounce of decency left inside you, this is how we have to, we have to end these things and now if you’ve been in that kind of relationship or you’re in one of those relationships right now, nobody knows, only Allah knows.

So after reading this article you have decided that you will no longer want to be her friend? you are thinking to message here, right? you know don’t even write that because even then you’re looking for a response, you’re kidding yourself and then you’re checking did she write back? yes we should no longer be friends and you will write back: you’re right we really shouldn’t be friends anymore and then she will write back: yeah never again and then here you’re still doing? i mean what is going on man. Just stop this, cut it off, it’s not good for you.

It’s okay to be attracted to a girl. Allah (swt) put that in you, you’re not evil for finding a girl beautiful, it’s not Haram for you to feel that way, you have to control it, you have to control yourself. Our Deen (religion) teaches us self-control and if you cannot exhibit self-control in one aspect of your life, you’ll lose self-control in other aspects of your life, same thing for you my dear Muslim sisters control yourself, control your giggle, control your overly friendly demeanor in certain situations.

Don’t say we’re just friends or he’s like a brother to me. if he ain’t your brother then he ain’t your brother that’s it? I hope you all get my message.

Thank you very much.

Jazaak Allah Khair.

Pornographic Addiction And Its Effects In Marriage

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,
Islam is a way of life. There is not a topic in Islam that is not touched. It is a complete guide for a believer’s life, from prayer to purity, from Akhlaq to Imaan, from family to business. Everything is balanced. It’s a job of a Muslim to go through it and help himself in following Islam.

Allah Most High says in the glorious Quran:

“O you who believe, enter into Islam completely and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Surely he is an open enemy for you.” (Qur’an 2:208)

We as Muslims believe in the oneness of Allah yet fall prey to evil Fitna’s around the world, the reasons of which are numerous based on the place we live and the company we keep and most important the 24X7 internet connection that we have in our palms.

The addiction to evil has become so easy that we do not think twice before committing such sins and become addicted to them. One of the most disturbing addictions we see in today’s Muslim youth is the addiction to pornography.

The first thing we must know about it is that it is haram and forbidden.

It may start small but over the time it becomes uncontrollable. Many of our brothers and sister are so addicted that they even watch pornographic stuff during work hours and even during family gatherings. My dear beloved brothers and sisters in Islam it is a slippery slope the sooner you get a grip on yourself the better.

The evidence from Quran and Hadith that show that watching Pornography is haram.

“Tell the faithful men to cast down their looks and to guard their private parts. That is more decent for them. Allah is indeed well aware of what they do. Tell the faithful women to cast down their looks and to guard their private parts, and not to display their charms…so that you may be felicitous.” (Quran, 24:30-31)

Abd al-Rahman, the son of Abu Sa’id al-Khudri, reported from his father:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: A man should not see the private parts of another man, and a woman should not see the private parts of another woman, and a man should not lie with another man under one covering, and a woman should not lie with another woman under one covering.

(Sahih Muslim 343 a)

From the above proofs, it is clear and without a doubt that Pornography is evil and should be abstained from. A Muslim is not the one who is immodest and immoral. He should guard his chastity and protect himself from the hellfire. Looking at pornographic things make a person want to commit further grievous and major sins and clearly takes him away from the straight path of Allah subhana-wa-ta’ala.

How it affects the married life of a person.

Being married or not pornography will and does affect the peaceful and pure relation of Husband and wife at some point of their life. Many of my brothers and sisters must be even experiencing some of the effects. Pornography destroys the matrimonial bond. It leads to dissatisfaction of spouse’s among themselves. Decreases the sexual satisfaction and desire with one’s spouse and hence decreasing sexual intimacy.

A person who indulges in pornography not only harms his own self-burns his good deeds but also harms the person related to him. It deeply affects the mental and psychological health of a person. 

Pornography leads to infidelity (cheating/adultery)

In a research conducted by Stack, Wasserman, and Kern (2004) it was determined that a person who committed an act of infidelity was 3.18 times more likely to have used internet pornography than one who did not commit an act of infidelity. They also found that married individuals who solicited the services of a prostitute were 3.7 more likely to have used internet pornography than those who did not. (source: Stack, S., Wasserman, I., & Kern, R. (2004). Adult social bonds and use of Internet pornography. Social Science Quarterly, 85(1), 75–88 accessed via Manning)

From the above research one must take heed and try to protect his/her marriage. It is a very sorry state of affairs that many Muslim youths are trapped in this evil and many of whom have no idea what is the reason behind their falling apart the marriage.

Intimacy between couples is the most important measure for the strong marital bond between the couple. The more the spouses are intimate the more strong bond will be. Hence anything that will destroy this intimacy must be destroyed first.

Watching pornography or participating in cybersex will make your partner feel and experience betrayal, hurt, loss of self-esteem, fear, mistrust, and suspicion. 

If you are experiencing any of such things or if your interest in your partner is diminishing, look at yourself, introspect. 

Try to save your marriage and Aakhira before your bad habits destroy it.

Islam is the religion which upliftment the women. There is not a single rule in Islam which prevents the upliftment of women but in the name of upliftment Islam doesn’t believe in degrading women.

If you see history women was only used for sex and pleasure and today if you see the western world they are talking about the uplifting of women have actually degrade her. Today western world talking about women liberalization, its nothing but a disguise form of exploitation of the body, of degradation of the honor.

Islam never wants to prevent the women from upliftment but i don’t know of a single job or a single competition in which a women doesn’t interact with a men.

All the jobs which involves the unnecessary interaction of men aren’t jobs which are fit for the women. There is not a single modest job which i know which prevents the women about the modesty role. If there is a job which prevents you from doing the Hijab, Hijab not only on the body not only the clothe, the way you talk, the way you behave and the way you thinking.

All this comes in the Hijab aren’t good for you and when the western world talks about equality, i ask them when men and women are equal so why don’t we have a boxing match between men and women together, they are equal. Even they are agree that they are not equal.

When there is a boxing match why don’t they participate together. Aren’t they degrading the women. Yes or No so you realize these people they have their own way of thinking.

Allah the almighty has made the men and women different. Physiologically different, biologically different, depending upon the roles what they have been given.

Allah the almighty has given the do’s and dont’s for men and women and not that a men and women cannot interact but unnecessary interaction has to be avoided and in the western world when they sit for examination men and women sit together so there they consider them equal but when it comes to boxing match they don’t consider them equal so when the western world can differentiate that here they can part together and here they can’t  part together.

Why can’t our creator Allah who knows the best. Unnecessary interactions i call it foot steps of devil and Allah says in the Quran in (Surah Baqarah: Chapter 2: verse 168) O you who believe do not follow the foot steps of devil.

Most of the places where Allah says do not follow the foot steps of devil and i will give you a one example of foot steps of devel that suppose there is a average Muslim and if a lady comes and say come let’s spend a night together and he say spending the night Oh its haram. Not allowed and a same average Muslim if a lady phones, speaking to a girl on a phone.

What is the problem so he speak to a girl on a phone and after a few call she said let’s have a coffee in my college. He thinks going with a girl for coffee, its not a big deal and after some time she says lets have a dinner in restaurant and he thinks going for a dinner with girl, no problem and then she says let’s spend a night together, spending a night together, no problem. These are the foot steps of devil. Its not mentioned in the Quran, i am giving my own example. These are the foot steps of devil therefore stopping in the first level is better.

When its a requirement, when you have to speak to a men in a emergency than yes you can. Suppose there is a lady who get sick and there is a gents doctor, yes they can go to a gents doctor that doesn’t men you can’t speak to a gents doctor. When require you can go but with lowering your gaze, with modesty but unnecessary gossiping like what they are doing in colleges.

In colleges they gossip very common is prohibited and do you know according to a stats of USA more than 90% of women before they passed the school, they have lost their virginity and same in UK, even in mumbai i was shocked more than 50% of girls before they pass their school they lost their virginity. I was shocked. Why, because of having a boy friend and girl friend. Its so common that if you don’t have a boy friend or girl friend you will be considered as a abnormal.

These are the foot steps of devil and we want to uplift the women and these people in the name of art and culture, they want to sell their daughters and mothers on screen and someone told me about the ad which won the award and its of  BMW car. Its a very famous car in youngsters. There is a girl standing in bikini before the car and it say test drive her now. Who the girl or the car.

What are they doing? they are selling their daughters and we Muslims we don’t want that and in the name of upliftment we don’t allow our daughters, we don’t allow our sisters. We love them, we respect them so by now you must have understand that Islam doesn’t degrade the women. Its uplift them.

Haram Relationships Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Advice for the One Who Said . . . 
“OK So, it’s Haram! But, I love him!!”

Haram Relationships (boyfriend/girlfriend) are not permitted without marriage in Islam. Many reasons for this include:

1. (Haram Relationships) Full rights of marriage, fidelity, stable home, security, legitimate children & proper family life.

2. Give any children born full legitimate family rights, stable home, dual parental care & upbringing, full inheritance.

3. Grand parents rights to their legitimate grandchildren, enjoy their families.

4. Protect the sanctity of legitimate relationship and bond between spouses, security of intimacy and faithfulness.

5. Family involvement to build lasting, secure and ongoing relationship for the entire family on both sides.

But most important – it is a COMMANDMENT FROM GOD

This is not a new Commandment. It was given to the people all the way back to ancient prophets, peace be upon them all. The Jews and Christians still have it in several places in their Bible.

Certainly Muslims are aware of the Commandments of Allah in the Quran (read Surah An-Nur, chapter 24, inshallah):
Close friends, that Day, will be enemies to each other, except for the righteous!

Love haram But still, we have sisters telling us, “But I love him!” 
She says, “But still, you don’t know how I feel, and Allah knows my heart. I just love him so much and he loves me too”.

OK – Here are some facts, dear sisters – so listen and listen good.

You think he “loves you”? No. He doesn’t love you!
Sister, no matter how much you think he loves you here in this world – he’ll hate you a million times more on Judgment Day!

He will hate you more than anyone else on the Day of Judgment!
He will blame you for the relationship and he will ask Allah to throw you into Hell-Fire, instead of him.

You think you “Love him”? No. You don’t!
You don’t love him. You lust (desire) him and want to influence his life and use him for your own desire.

Do you love his “sweet words”? Sister, those “sweet words” are the whispers of the devil himself.

Or maybe you “love the way other girls will be jealous of you”?
Maybe you think he is a “real man” or because he seems “popular”? A real man doesn’t take advantage of a girl, ruining her reputation in the community and then moving on to the next “special girl” to “love him”.
Or he is “kind to you”?

Women in Islam
Women in Islam

How kind is it to throw someone’s life away? And then let them go to Hell?
A good Muslim girl only loves the man she will accept to marry because of his commitment to Allah. The more he tries to serve Allah and care for his family as a good Muslim man should, then the more a good Muslim girl will love her husband. That is a simple fact.

Does he want to marry you? Really? So why doesn’t he talk to your father or wali, instead of talking to his buddies about how he’s got this Muslim girlfriend?

What about all those “Promises”? The more he promises, the more disappointed you are going to be later. THAT IS A PROMISE!

REAL LOVE TEST – Try this “True Love Test” on him:

1. Does he care more about you or Allah? Think about that. If he loves you more than Allah, the Creator of the universe, the One giving us life, then where do you think you will fit in his life later on?

2. (Haram) Does he want good for you in this life? – Halal, faithful marriage? Maintain your virginity? Uphold your reputation? Care for your family & parents?

3. Does he truly love you as his Muslim sister? – Would he let his sister have a “boyfriend”? If he would, then he doesn’t care much about his sister, or Islam for that matter. If he would not allow his sister to have a boyfriend, then what does that say about his true feelings toward you?

4. Does he want good for you in the Next Life? – What happens to people who have relationships outside of marriage? Is there punishment for fornication in the Next Life? Would he let you go to Hell so he can have pleasure by using you?

Try this “True Islam Test”

1. Really!! does he want you with him in Jannah, close to our prophet, peace be upon him, in the Next Life?

2. Really!! Does he only speak to you in front of your wali (father, brother or guardian) being present?

3. Is he mutaqqeen (truly righteous)? What about you? You said you know it is Haram, but you will do it anyway? Is that righteous?-

Read Surah Al Zukhruf, chapter 43, verse 67 Allah Says, “Close friends, that Day, will be enemies to each other, except for the righteous”

If you guys really love each other, then you don’t shove each other into the Fire of Hell. You would do whatever it takes to stay out of Hell and help each other in righteousness.

True love? That should be for eternity, not for a few months, weeks, or a couple of nights out. 
Halal relationship in Islam? It’s permitted. No problem! Right after a simple agreement is fulfilled – it’s called MARRIAGE.
Now ask yourself, “Do I love Allah?” 
Of course you do.

Haram Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Haram Boyfriend/Girlfriend

But there are two types of love that cannot come together in the heart of a believer:

1. LOVE of Allah, the Rabbil Alameen, Lord of the Worlds, Maliki Yawmadeen, Master of the Day of Judgment!

2. Love of Haram.

Sister, wake up! STOP NOW – before it’s gets worse and you can’t stop. You can still get out of this. Leave this HARAM way – NOW!
Leave it for Allah. Turn to Allah and make Tawbah, repent to Allah now!
Allah will grant you much more that what you will give up of this Haram.
But you have to be strong in front of shaytaan, strong against the shaytaan’s words and shaytaan feelings in both of you.

Make the first step – ask Allah, “Guide me, Allah. Forgive me and guide me to what is better for me here and in the Hereafter, Ameen.”
Cry! You need to. Cry more. You’ll feel better.

Tell your parents, you are ready for marriage. And be very serious about going through what it takes to get married (soon) to the right Muslim boy!
Remember, “Never wait for tomorrow to fix what you are doing today! Tomorrow may never come!”


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