Seven of the most Destructive Sins

“Avoid the seven deadly sins that doom one to Hell..." “…Associating others with Allah (Shirk), magic, killing a soul whom Allah has forbidden killing, consuming Interest (Riba), consuming the property of orphans, fleeing on the day of the march (to the battlefield), and slandering chaste women… ” (An-Nisai)


According to the Celt legend, if a person wears a mask or disguises his face, he won’t be noticed by the evil spirit that roams the land, as the ghost or a spirit cannot see their own reflection. So if a person is to meet a demon, the demon would not harm him considering him to be one of the equally horrible demons.


In the early days of Islam, when some of them saw that the People of the Book prostrated to their bishops and patriarchs, they thought that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) was more deserving of that, out of respect for him and veneration of him. But the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) forbade them to prostrate to him.

Shirk Among Muslims

It’s a common understanding among the Muslims that shirk is only done by non-Muslims. But No! It is not so. Shirk is also prevalent among Muslims. Below mentioned and explained are some of the common types of it which we find among Muslims.


Building mosques over the graves of Prophets and righteous people, or over places connected to their lives, is something which the perfect sharee’ah of Islam came to forbid and warn against, and curses those who do that (grave worship), because it is one of the means that lead to shirk and exaggeration about the Prophets and the righteous people….

“QABRON KI PUJA” “Grave Worship”

In many Muslim countries around the world people build Masjids on the graves of pious people, these are sometimes called “Dargah” or “Mazar” etc. And people go to those places and ask the dead person to give them a child or whatever they need. Now asking anyone but Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) for anything is Shirk. Here we want to clear up that from the Qur’an and very clear Sahih Hadith that we are NOT supposed to build structures or Masjids on the graves of pious people or anyone else.

Avoid these 7 Deadly Sins that doom a person to Hell

The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) explained the seven sins that doom a person to Hell in a saheeh hadeeth that was narrated by the two Shaykhs, al-Bukhaari and Muslim, in as-Saheehayn, in which it was narrated that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Avoid the seven sins that doom a person to Hell.” We said: What are they, O Messenger of Allah?

“Shirk” The Unforgivable Sin

SHIRK: The greatest sin a person can commit against Allaah is shirk. Unfortunately, a lot of people cannot define what shirk is and how to protect against it. Mostly, they think that shirk is limited to idol worship. Whereas, it is more than that; shirk can be committed by physical acts, including grave worship, tying… Continue Reading →

What is a shrine?  A monument builds on the tomb of the pious and people with great piety, people who take Allah as their friends and are of great virtue. Building a shrine or a dargah and visiting such places for spiritual upliftment is completely haram in Islam because they are polytheistic in nature and… Continue Reading →

Darbars And Shrines

From the greatest calamities facing this ummah are the shrines of so called “holy-men” – structures built over the graves where people go to visit and “make duaa” Building over the graves and raising them into structures is impermissible in Islam and Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) was sent on a specific mission… Continue Reading →

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