was jesus a muslim
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Was Jesus a Muslim?


From Muhammad Ali and Cat Stevens to Clarence Seedorf and Yvonne Ridley, thousands of Christians are becoming Muslim every day. (Was Jesus a Muslim?)

First of all One cannot be a Muslim without believing in Jesus Christ.
A believer is not a believer if he/she does not believe in the prophet Jesus Christ or Isa (Alaihi Salaam).
A Muslim must believe and respect all the prophets, from Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon him). 

Say, [O believers], “We have believed in Allah and what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the Descendants and what was given to Moses and Jesus Christ and what was given to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims [in submission] to Him.”
Al-Qur’an, 2:136

Allah mentions Jesus in Quran along with other prophets. 

Christians and Muslims are more alike than different.

We are in fact almost the same if we follow Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) to the word as he himself taught and lived:

1. Jesus (peace be upon him) taught that there is only One God and Only God should be worshipped as taught in Deut 6:4, Mark 12:29.
Muslims also believe this as taught in the Qur’an verse 4:171.

2. Jesus (peace be upon him) spoke Aramaic and called God ”Alaha”, which is similar to “Allah”. Aramaic is an ancient Biblical language. It is one of the Semitic languages that also include Hebrew, Arabic and Ethiopic. The Aramaic ”Alaha” and the Arabic “Allah” are the same. It means “GOD”. Thus the God of Jesus is also the God of Muslims and of all mankind.

3. Jesus (peace be upon him) didn’t eat pork as taught in Leviticus 11:7 , and neither do Muslims as taught in the Qur’an verse 6:145.

4. Jesus (peace be upon him) greeted with the words “As salaamu alaikum” (Peace be with you) in John 20:21.
Muslims also greet each other this way “As salaamu alaikum” (Peace be with you).

5. Jesus (peace be upon him) always said “God Willing” (in-shaa’-Allah).
Muslims say this too before doing anything as taught in the Al-Qur’an verses 18:23-24.

6. Jesus (peace be upon him) washed his face, hands, and feet before praying. Muslims do the same.

was jesus a muslim

Was Jesus a Muslim?

7. Jesus (peace be upon him) and other prophets of the Bible prayed with their head to the ground (Matthew 26:39).
Muslims do too as taught in the Al-Qur’an verse 3:43.

8. Jesus (peace be upon him) had a beard and wore a robe. Muslim men do the same. Women also wear long robes.

9. Jesus (peace be upon him) followed the law and believed in all the prophets, (see Matthew 5:17). Muslims do too as taught in the Al-Qur’an verse 3:84.

10. Jesus’ mother Mary dressed modestly by covering her body and wearing a headscarf (hijab) as found in 1 Timothy 2:9, Genesis 24:64-65, and Corinthians 11:6.
Muslim women too dress modestly as taught in the Al-Qur’an verse 33:59.

11. Jesus (peace be upon him) and other prophets of the Bible fasted up to 40 days (see Exodus 34:28, Daniel 10:2-6. 1Kings 19:8, and Matthew 4:1-Muslims do so also during the month of Ramadan.
Muslims are required to fast the full obligatory 30 days (Al-Qur’an 2:183)

12. Jesus (peace be upon him) was circumcised. According to the Bible in Luke 2:21, Jesus was eight days old when he was circumcised. In Islam, circumcision is a fitrah act that ensures cleanliness.
Both Muslim men and women are required to be circumcised.

May ALLAH guide us all to the right path.
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Jazak Allah Khair

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