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Everytime they see a cute girl with a pretty face, beautiful eyes or even with hijab/niqab, they say – can’t control our thoughts, got a Crush man! They see a handsome bearded guy, nice thobe, strong muscles, well mannered & be like – Omg, He’s my Crush!

What’s Crush?

Crush is a deceptive feeling which is a sharp tool of Shaitaan that causes fitnah & heartbreak when they don’t feel the same way in return. They just day dream about him/her, sink into the thoughts of non-mehram, build up extreme feelings, gather up emotions & then involve into Haram relation.

Allah said in surah Al’ Isra -
“Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart, about all those [one] will be questioned.”

Because our eyes, ears & heart are the amanath of Allaah (Subhana Wa taala) & a Muslim & a Muslimah can naver look, hear, feel & think anything that will please them, that’ll attract them but what Allaah ordered them to see, to hear, to feel, to think.

They’ll only do those acts which pleases their Rabb♡


So when so called lovers, don’t lower their gaze, but observe the beauty/handsomeness of non-mehram.
When they don’t stay away from haram but willingly welcome it, when neither they obey the words of Allah nor they increase the love of Him in their heart but all they do is displease Him & causes the wrath of Him, then what they can call it except Crush!

Because they know that this crush is going to crash them on their Grave once they are dead. The soil will crush their bones for they disobeyed Allah while they walk on the ground & the fire of Jahannam will turn them into ashes. That’s why they call it a Crush, Got it?

Are you one of those who always gets Crush?

Dear Brothers,
This crush/gf are just fitnah & inviter of Hell. They won’t stay loyal forever but a pure & good wife will.
In sha Allaah.

Dear Sisters, checking crush/bf’s last seen on Insta/fb, chit-chat, pic sharing, candlelight dinner or dating, isn’t the act of a Muslimah.

If any of you are interested in someone by seeing their Deen, Akhlaq & Taqwa & you’re capable of satisfying their needs then go through the halal channel & make him/her not crush but spouse.!

May ALLAH subhanahuwatala enable us all to act righteously ??❤️??

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