Marriage in islam


★ Marriage In Islam ★ As opposed to other world faiths that view being celibate as a good quality and a path to deliverance, Islam believes marriage is an honourable and upright act of faith. The significance of marriage is given great prominence in the Holy Quran and in Hadith. (marriage in islam) “And among […]

muslims by name only
Shirk Sins

Muslims By Name Only

Muslims By Name Only 1. Wrong Aqeedah Many Muslims are just Muslims by name ―they have Muslim names like Ahmed, Muhammad, Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman and so on ―and when we look at their beliefs (‘Aqeedah), they are upon an ‘Aqeedah that is contrary to the Qur’an and Sunnah. 2. Doing Shirk Many Muslims direct worship to […]

Ramadan preparation

Ramadan Preparation 7 Tips

Ramadan Preparation : Ramadan Preparation : ? Ramadan isn’t just for the pure ones, it’s for the broken ones, the ones who have found themselves so far from faith, the ones who have forgotten the beauty of Islam. It’s for everyone, to find themselves in this beautiful month, to let go of what’s keeping them from […]