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The Christmas (Jesus birthday) is a Christian festival and is improved (innovated) by polytheists. It isn’t admissible for a Muslim to praise it or welcome (greet) it to anybody as it is an impersonation of Kuffaar. Additionally, Esa (Alaihi Salaam) has nothing to do with it or them.

Aside from being a development (innovation), it goes under the heading of emulating doubters (disbelievers) in their religion.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) stated: “Whoever emulates a people is one of them.”

Described by Abu Dawood (3512); classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Sunan Abi Dawood. Its isnaad was classed as jayyid by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah, who stated:

jesus birthday

The minimum that can be said about this hadith is that it infers that it is disallowed to mimic (imitate) them. Anyway the obvious significance demonstrates that the person who copies them is a doubter (disbeliever), as Allah, may He be lifted up, says: “And on the off chance that any among you accepts them as Awliya’ ((companions, defenders, aides, etc.)), definitely he is one of them” [al-Maa’idah 5:51].

Saluting or welcome a non-muslim on the event of Christmas or some other religious celebrations is haram as per the majority of researchers (scholars). It is on the grounds that it suggests that you affirm of what they do and venerate (worship). It implies you endorse of their skepticism (disbelief).

Regardless of whether he doesn’t favor of this skepticism (disbelief) for himself, it is haraam for the Muslim to support of ceremonies of incredulity
(disbelief) or to praise (congratulate) another person for them.

Correspondingly, it is haraam for the Muslims to mirror (imitate) the skeptics (disbelievers) by hosting gatherings on these events, or trading endowments (gifts), disseminating (distributing) desserts or plates of sustenance (food), requiring some investment off work, etc, in light of the fact that the Prophet (peace be upon him) stated: “Whoever mimics (imitates) a people is one of them.” Narrated by Abu Dawood.

To entirety up: the mischief that outcomes from Muslims commending the Gregorian New Year (or Christmas) might be outlined in the accompanying focuses:

jesus birthday

1. The expectation (intention) and inspiration of these celebrations (festivals) and gatherings is shirk. Henceforth going to such gatherings or taking part in these occasions is indulging in shirk and impersonation of mushrikeen. Likewise it isn’t as per the instructing of Prophet Jesus (Alaihi Salaam) as he never endorses any such occasions for them or us.

So they are a blend of shirk and advancement (innovation), not with standing what they blend with that of unethical and insidiousness activities in these gatherings, as is notable. So how might we emulate (imitate) them in such manner?

2. The festival is malicious (evil) in all perspectives. It includes shrewd (evil) and degenerate (corrupt) activities. It is shrik and an asin apart from all the shameless (immoral) activity that occurs amid it. In view of that we can’t state that it is passable (permissible).

3. In the event that praising (celebrating) a birthday of a prophet is of any ideals (virtue) than for what reason don’t we commend the birthday events of all prophets known to us? Is it accurate to say that they are not prophets sufficiently commendable? Is it accurate to say that they were not sent by Allah?

4. The information of the birthday of any prophet isn’t known and is preposterous. The correct date of his introduction to the world isn’t known, as the antiquarians (historians) varied concerning this issue.

Henceforth it is better for a muslim to not commend this day and be far from it.

Also, Allah knows best.

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