Hijab Islam

Hijab is my obedience to Allah

Hijab includes the way a person talks, walks, looks and thinks. All of it should be done modestly and it applies to both men and women.


Seeing a woman with a HIJAB on her head is like finding a diamond amongst some stones. ♥
I don’t care what others say…i’ll do my duty and wear my Hijaab for Allah Ta’ala. ♥
Oppression and protection are two different things. Islam protects women, not oppresses them.”

I wear my Niqab / Hijab for ALLAH,
Not for my father,
Not for my brother,
Not for any other

I cover myself for ALLAH,
No one makes me,
No one forsakes me,
No one rejects me,
No one subjects me,

My modesty is for ALLAH,
Commanded in Qu’ran
For Him and no one else
Seeking His reward
Moving closer toward ALLAH…..

Dedicated To all my Sisters, friends, aunts and mothers in Islam.


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Hijab is A to Z.
Dear Sisters, Do You Know That

Our Hijab is A- Act of worship.
Our Hijab is B- Beauty.
Our Hijab is C- Cover of our body.
Our Hijab is D- Dignity.
Our Hijaab is E- Elegant wear.
Our Hijaab is F- Favourite cover.
Our Hijaab is G- Gift from Allah.
Our Hijaab is H- Health veil.
Our Hijaab is I- Identity.
Our Hijaab is J- Justified covering.


Our Hijaab is K- Knowledge right.
Our Hijaab is L- Legal right.
Our Hijaab is M- Modesty.
Our Hijaab is N- Nobility.
Our Hijaab is O- Obedience to Allah.
Our Hijaab is P- Precious pride.
Our Hijaab is Q- Quality cover.
Our Hijaab is R- Right in Islam.
Our Hijaab is S- Strength to us.
Our Hijaab is T- Treasure to us.

Our Hijaab is U- Unique to us.
Our Hijaab is V- Veil to cover body.
Our Hijaab is W- World best fashion
Our Hijaab is X- Xtra cute
Our Hijaab is Y- Youthful protection for the girl child
Our Hijaab is Z- Zeal for emancipation for good behaviour.

*Hijab is our pride as Muslim Woman*

For Allaah sake, help me spread the message globally.

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