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True Story of a Sister’s Haram Relationship


A sister warns us about having men and talking to men on facebook (haram relationship), this is a VERY important reminder ya akhawati fillah.

She says;

”Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu,
to begging, I swear to God that my story is true, and i want to share it with my sisters because I love you, I fear for you, I will try to resume my story to the maximum.
Like every young women; i also want to get married, Alhamdulillah! God has granted my wish.
I met a brother on facebook, we met each-other, then we met up in a hotel room. He lied down on the bed and give me a sign to join him, And then things happened that i am ashamed to talk about since it was brother who wore the sunnah [The beard and the Qamis].

haram relationship

After that I got married to him. Our life as a couple was Chaotic.
(Haram Relationship)

Then my husband told me that he wanted to meet another sister. He told me that he wanted to meet her either to make her a second wife or to get married to her just in case we’d divorce. – So he created a facebook account to find his future wife. And he asked me if he could pretend to be me [on facebook].
And I Refused. But then he made me feel guilty, and told me that i owned him obedience. So i didn’t have the choice.
I swear it, me upset to see all these married sisters share their problems about their marriage while thinking it was a woman; when in fact it was my Husband.
It hurt me to see all these sisters sending their pictures and showing their awrah [adornments] to my husband while thinking it was a woman.
It killed me to see all these sisters confide in my husband behind that computer screen while thinking it was a WOMAN.

YOU, my sisters who hears me, maybe that my husband has a picture of YOU on his phone or on his computer and You don’t Even know.

The worst in this; is when a sister had a doubt my husband made me phone the sister, so that when she would hear my voice she would be convinced that she is talking to a woman. He would give me a few information on her then i had to talk to her like she was my friend when she was a complete stranger to me. I feel bad about what i did. – I helped my husband to betray sisters. But i had no choice. He made me feel guilty by always reminding me that i owned him obedience.

My sisters, facebook is a great fitnah.

It contains more harm then good. I long hesitated to write because i was scared that my husband would find out and that he will harm me for having denounced him, But i prefer to WARN you.

Lastly sisters i would like to tell you that a pious husband is not found on facebook or on msn; and i am very well placed to know this.

In case you’re speaking to a brother do not think that he is trustworthy just because he has a beard and wear the Qamis, because he is still a man with his desires and-and you are still a woman with yours, and the worst in this is that shaitan is your third. Once you would have lost your virginity or you have had a baby in the haram, all the tears and regrets will be useless.


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Jazak Allah Khair

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