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Was al-Khidr a Prophet?

Q. Was al-Khidr an angel, a Messenger,   a Prophet or a wali (“saint”)?  Praise be to Allaah. The from the general meaning of the Qur’aanic verses (Surah Kahf) it appears  that he was a Prophet.  Shaykh al-Shanqeeti (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in his commentary on the aayah (interpretation of the meaning)  “Then […]



Hamare muashre me ek ajeeb rasm payi jati hai ki jab koi gham ka ya koi khushi ka mauka hota hai to usme quran Khwani karte hai. Quran Khwani me kuch logo ko bulakar Quran padhwaya jata hai aur fir uska sawab murde ko esaal kar diya jata hai. Is amal ko Quran Khwani kahte hai. Aur Isme Rishtedaro aur padosio ki bhi shirkat hoti hai.

Hell Fire Shirk

“QABRON KI PUJA” “Grave Worship”

In many Muslim countries around the world people build Masjids on the graves of pious people, these are sometimes called “Dargah” or “Mazar” etc. And people go to those places and ask the dead person to give them a child or whatever they need. Now asking anyone but Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) for anything is Shirk. Here we want to clear up that from the Qur’an and very clear Sahih Hadith that we are NOT supposed to build structures or Masjids on the graves of pious people or anyone else.