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Wuhan Coronavirus – China and Islam

China called Islam a virus

And worked very hard to extinguish it in its country, they banned the Quran, they banned praying, they banned the hijab, they banned fasting. Today every single Asian in the world has become a suspect of the worst Virus (wuhan coronavirus) on the planet. I do feel sorry for the innocent Chinese people but this is the work from its government.

ethnocide of chinese uyghurs
Ethnocide of chinese uyghurs

And Its time for the Chinese people to rise against its oppressive government.

It’s really time the Chinese people realised what it must be like for the millions of people that have been locked up by the Chinese government for no reason other than their ethnicity and their location and it’s significance for the Chinese government and its future plans. They should know that the REAL threats maybe far closer to home than they may have been led to believe.

And that no matter what the government wants them to believe about Islam, that Islam actually would have even helped to better control situations like the coronavirus.

Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allahu Alayihi wa Sallam) said:

“Know that if the whole community were to gather together to benefit you with anything, it would benefit you only with something that Allah had already prescribed for you, and that if they gather together to harm you with anything, they would harm you only with something Allah had already prescribed for you.
The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried.”
(at-Tirmidhi saheeh by al-Albaani)

From an Islamic perspective we can pick up a few lessons from the Wuhan Coronavirus threat:

  • The source of the virus was a wildlife market where exotic animals were sold for food. It is reported that the coronavirus was transferred to humans through the consumption of bat soup. In any case, just like the Ebola virus, this outbreak started by people eating food that is prohibited in Islam. Islam may appear prohibitive to some but ALL its rules are for the benefit of mankind.
China hit by corona virus badly
Wuhan Coronavirus

Our Mother Aaisha (radhi Allaahu anha) asked the Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allahu Alayihi wa Sallam) about the plague.

He said:
“The Plague was a punishment which Allah used to send on whom He wished, but Allah made it a blessing for the believers.
None (among the believers) remains patient in a land in which plague has broken out and considers that nothing will befall him except what Allah has ordained for him, but that Allah will grant him a reward similar to that of a martyr.”
(al-Bukhari 5734)

  • In the case of an epidemic, Hadith tells us that no one should leave or enter the infected town. Look at how this virus has now affected other countries and has become a global problem.

(Wuhan Coronavirus)
And the Prophet Muhammad (sal Allaahu Alayihi wa sallam) said :

“Plague was a means of torture sent on some people before you.
So if you hear of its spread in a land, don’t approach it, and if a plague should appear in a land where you are present, then don’t leave that land in order to run away from it (i.e. plague).”
(al-Bukhari 3473)

  • When we perform wudhu, washing the hands and face, as well as rinsing the mouth and nose, has been known to curb the spread of infectious diseases. These are the main areas through which germs spread (hands, face, respiratory tracks) are frequently cleaned. Imagine if you performed wudhu five times a day, how much you are reducing the risk of infection without even trying.
Wuhan Coronavirus
Wuhan Coronavirus

SubhanAllah. Islam is indeed a way of life.

Although these ahaadeeth are about the plague, the same can be applied to any of the contagious diseases or epidemics.
And this latest outbreak of Coronavirus is one of them.

Wuhan Coronavirus

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