If you read the Quran, Allah says “The only Religion acceptable in the sight of Allah is Islam” Islam means submitting your will to Almighty God so if you read all the religions, Almighty God only sent messengers to preach one religion.

All the messengers that came till the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) only preach one religion, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said there were hundred and twenty-four thousand messengers sent on the face of the earth.

Its mentioned in the Quran “There is not a nation or a tribe to whom we not sent a warner or a guide” Allah says in Quran “And to every people we have sent a warner” so all the messengers that came, they taught nothing but to submit their will to God and the basic message that all these messengers taught oneness of God but due to passage of time all what the messengers preach its got corrupted and most of the scriptures that came before the Quran, they got changed.

Allah says in the Quran in several places “If He wanted, He could have made everyone submit his will to God” Means everyone Muslim and Islam is not just a religion, Its a  way of life so all the messengers that came, they taught that we have to submit our will to God but by the passage of time all these scriptures kept on changing and that is the reason Almighty God, He sent the final and the last messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the last and final revelation Glorious Quran.

Now all the messengers that came before Prophet Muhammad (SAW), all the revelations that came before the Quran, they were only meant for those people and for that time, by name four are mentioned in Quran.

Its also mentioned in Holy Quran “At every age, we have sent a revelation” Quran is the last and final revelation not only send for the Muslims or Arabs but for the whole humanity and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was not only sent for the Muslims or the Arabs but for the whole humanity and that is the reason He has been prophesied in all the major world religion scriptures and the Allah says in Quran “We revealed the Quran and we shall guard it from corruption” So what we have to realise that Almighty God sent messengers to preach only one religion that is submitting your will to Almighty God and in Arabic I say ISLAM.

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