I am talking to you today brothers and sisters with regards to a destination. The final destination, a home which has brought happiness to the hearts of so many people despite them not yet having entered it. A home which cannot be compared to any other home that we know of today, a home that causes every word of every language and every dialect, to pause in a state of paralysis unable to illustrate the magnificence of this particular home.

This is a home that has made some people smile in the most grueling and grievous of circumstances, just merely thinking about this home is enough to raise the burden from the burdened and it is enough to replace the sorrow within the hearts of the sorrow into happiness and tightness into a sense of expanse, merely talking and reading to the descriptions of this home is enough to free any human being from the shackles of burden and stress and depression and internal poverty.

Today i am talking about a home my brothers and sisters which if you were to give it just a few brief timid moments of reflection, it is enough to bring down the toughest of men down to his knees and it is enough to cause the driest of eyes to weep and it is enough to cause the sternest of hearts to soften and melt in its remembrance and in longing and craving to see this particular home.

I am talking of a destination my brothers and sisters that can only be visited the moment you die. It is a destination that comes after the resurrection and after their gathering and after you and I have stood in the court of Allah one after the other from the people of Adam to the people of Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alyhi wasallam). It is a destination that comes after the receiving of the books and it comes after the scales of Allah Almighty have been established and those books have been weighed.

It is a phase that comes after the Siraat the bridge that will be established on the hellfire. It is a phase after the disbelievers and the hypocrites and the oblivious and the insistent sinners of this Ummah will fall into the fire. It is a phase that comes after the bridge. This is the destination of Jannah the destination of paradise. I ask Allah Almighty to make everybody in this building an inhabitant of the garden of Jannah.

What do you know about Jannah? and the meadows and the gardens of Jannah? today I will not be describing the garden of Jannah because i am going to be talking about gardens not a meadow but the meadows of Jannah. I want you to imagine brothers and sisters now as humanity i.e, the Muslims amongst them who had prepared for this day are driven towards Jannah.

Imagine their faces you know by looking at the face of your neighbor, when he is happy and when he is sad, imagine the face of people as they are driven to where? to the prize to the gift to the Hadiyah to Jannah. The place that they have been working towards for 50 60 80 years of their lives. Imagine their faces now when they see the gates of Jannah and their jaws drop.

They haven’t even entered paradise yet but their jaws drop because of the scene of the gates of Jannah. in the Saahi it is narrated on the authority of Utbah Bin Gazwan… that he says I swear by Allah, it was mentioned to us that the distance between the two gate posts of the gates of Jannah is the distance of 40 years travelled. This is the width of the gates of Jannah.

He says that a day will come when those gates will be busy flooding with people. Allah Almighty make us amongst them (Ameen). Imagine their faces as they walk towards the prize, imagine their faces when they see the gates of Jannah finally swinging open. Imagine their faces you don’t need to imagine because the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) has told us what their faces will look like? what did He say… He said the first batch of people to enter the gates of paradise, their faces would look like the moon when it is full, luminosity lights and He says the next batch of people to enter Jannah, their faces will look like the brightest galaxy planet that you can see today in the skies of this dunya. happy, luminous, pleased, satisfied, these are their faces.

Allah Almighty speaks about this moment. We are yet to set foot in Jannah, they are now walking towards the gates of Jannah that have just opened up. The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) had knocked at the gates as this was narrated in the Authentic Hadith and the Messengers and Prophets stand behind him and the rest of the muslims stand behind them, The gate keeper of Paradise says who is knocking? He says I am Muhammad the son of Abdullah (sallallahu alayhi wa salam)

Imagine my dear brothers and sisters. When you are sad or when you face any hardship. Imagine the moment you enter Jannah. It will make you feel happy in’sha’Allah. (May Allah Unite us in Jannah with those whom we love) Ameen.

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