My dear sister you think you have gotten a raw deal because culturally your husband oppresses you, culturally he abuses you, culturally you got cultural baggages! so you think the Muslims are doing you a wrong deed but I have news for you my dear sister.

Allah has allowed you to keep your own name, you know you get married and now you’re mrs. so-and-so but to Allah you are the daughter of so-and-so you’ve got your own name. Allah through his Shariah has seen to it that you have your own wealth.

You’ll have your own wealth. Allah has seen to it that you get your own portion of inheritance and you keep it too. Allah sees to it you that no matter what you own your husband has to provide for you. This is Allah’s Shariah. Allah has made you not an object of desire or objectification as they have done in the West but Allah has made you a pillar and a builder of the society that you are a part of and what did you do? what are you doing? let’s look at some of these pillars in the society.

I ask you Musa (AS), Prophet Musa, his life was a success built by women, His mother was inspired by Allah, His sister ran after him and saw that he was returned to the household.

The wife of (Firawun) pleaded his behalf for (Firawun) to what? To take him into her home! surrounded by woman. The life of the Prophet (pbuh) was a success by woman Khadija (ra) gave herself, her wealth and all that she had for this Deen (religion). The wife of the Prophet (pbuh) Umm Salamah she gave him counsel which at one time after the treaty of hudaybiyah, his companions were having doubts in their hearts about what to do, she counseled him (Masha Allah).

The household of Prophet (pbuh), his wives were women who give out the Sunnah and the Hadith and the Fiqh that you and I study till this day.

Woman our Deen (religion) is a success of woman and our sisters this is what Allah says in (Surah Tahrim) ”And Allah presents an example to people of thosee who believe, not women but believe people who believe both men and women” The wife of (Firawun) when she said O Lord, O Allah build for me near you a house in paradise and save me from (Firawun) and his deeds own and save me from the wrong doing people” and I wonder which of our leaders today can say save me from the bad people but you see this is my job brother so I have to toe the partyline it is my job brother I have to do this?

There is no way that you can obey the creation over the laws of the creator so why you are saying I’m selling these things and doing these things check yourself!

Allah further goes on (next verse) ”And (the example of) Mary, the daughter of ‘Imran, who guarded he chasity” who was that woman who was modest and chaste to show woman that, that’s how you need to be, to show women, men and women! we are suffering as a people and we are supposed to be the vicegerents device who are supposed to bring Islam to non-muslims. This will not going to happen if you don’t have the taqwa (peity) Allah and you’re not aware of these things.

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