I am talking to you today brothers and sisters with regards to a destination. The final destination, a home which has brought happiness to the hearts of so many people despite them not yet having entered it. A home which cannot be compared to any other home that we know of today, a home that causes every word of every language and every dialect, to pause in a state of paralysis unable to illustrate the magnificence of this particular home.

This is a home that has made some people smile in the most grueling and grievous of circumstances, just merely thinking about this home is enough to raise the burden from the burdened and it is enough to replace the sorrow within the hearts of the sorrow into happiness and tightness into a sense of expanse, merely talking and reading to the descriptions of this home is enough to free any human being from the shackles of burden and stress and depression and internal poverty.

Today i am talking about a home my brothers and sisters which if you were to give it just a few brief timid moments of reflection, it is enough to bring down the toughest of men down to his knees and it is enough to cause the driest of eyes to weep and it is enough to cause the sternest of hearts to soften and melt in its remembrance and in longing and craving to see this particular home.

I am talking of a destination my brothers and sisters that can only be visited the moment you die. It is a destination that comes after the resurrection and after their gathering and after you and I have stood in the court of Allah one after the other from the people of Adam to the people of Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alyhi wasallam). It is a destination that comes after the receiving of the books and it comes after the scales of Allah Almighty have been established and those books have been weighed.

It is a phase that comes after the Siraat the bridge that will be established on the hellfire. It is a phase after the disbelievers and the hypocrites and the oblivious and the insistent sinners of this Ummah will fall into the fire. It is a phase that comes after the bridge. This is the destination of Jannah the destination of paradise. I ask Allah Almighty to make everybody in this building an inhabitant of the garden of Jannah.

What do you know about Jannah? and the meadows and the gardens of Jannah? today I will not be describing the garden of Jannah because i am going to be talking about gardens not a meadow but the meadows of Jannah. I want you to imagine brothers and sisters now as humanity i.e, the Muslims amongst them who had prepared for this day are driven towards Jannah.

Imagine their faces you know by looking at the face of your neighbor, when he is happy and when he is sad, imagine the face of people as they are driven to where? to the prize to the gift to the Hadiyah to Jannah. The place that they have been working towards for 50 60 80 years of their lives. Imagine their faces now when they see the gates of Jannah and their jaws drop.

They haven’t even entered paradise yet but their jaws drop because of the scene of the gates of Jannah. in the Saahi it is narrated on the authority of Utbah Bin Gazwan… that he says I swear by Allah, it was mentioned to us that the distance between the two gate posts of the gates of Jannah is the distance of 40 years travelled. This is the width of the gates of Jannah.

He says that a day will come when those gates will be busy flooding with people. Allah Almighty make us amongst them (Ameen). Imagine their faces as they walk towards the prize, imagine their faces when they see the gates of Jannah finally swinging open. Imagine their faces you don’t need to imagine because the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) has told us what their faces will look like? what did He say… He said the first batch of people to enter the gates of paradise, their faces would look like the moon when it is full, luminosity lights and He says the next batch of people to enter Jannah, their faces will look like the brightest galaxy planet that you can see today in the skies of this dunya. happy, luminous, pleased, satisfied, these are their faces.

Allah Almighty speaks about this moment. We are yet to set foot in Jannah, they are now walking towards the gates of Jannah that have just opened up. The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) had knocked at the gates as this was narrated in the Authentic Hadith and the Messengers and Prophets stand behind him and the rest of the muslims stand behind them, The gate keeper of Paradise says who is knocking? He says I am Muhammad the son of Abdullah (sallallahu alayhi wa salam)

Imagine my dear brothers and sisters. When you are sad or when you face any hardship. Imagine the moment you enter Jannah. It will make you feel happy in’sha’Allah. (May Allah Unite us in Jannah with those whom we love) Ameen.


When Allah swt Show his Face :

Then a day will come, you’re in Jannah enjoying its wonders and the caller will call: the caller will call ”O inhabitants of Jannah” ”your lord wishes an audience with you so rush to the meeting of your Lord” so they come, mounts are prepared for them, Royals Royces of the Akhirah, they will get on top of it and ride to the meeting of the Lord and they reach a vast opening valley, do the throne and the Kursi of Allah is placed there and then their stations are placed, their places and stations of honor, some sit, some will sit on stations, on stages of light, not glass under which there is like a light will hold you, they will recline on light, others on pearls, others on jewelery, others on gold and silver, the lowest level of on that day are those sitting on cushions of misk.

Misk for your reference, ten milligrams, three thousand US dollars, it’s that much you can say so they will sit on cushions of Misk and once they have set and they found comfort. The caller calls ”O people of Jannah” There is a promise of Allah left with you, He wishes to honor the promise so they look at each other and they say what promises is this?

Didn’t he make our faces glow bright? Didn’t he make us traverse over Jahannam and entered us into Jannah? Didn’t he make our right deeds supersede our wrong deeds? what is left? as they are in this discussion a light comes from above them, the whole of Jannah is covered by it, they raise their heads and the Lord Allah Allah is in presence above them so they look up, Subhanal Khaliq, can you imagine the honor?

When Allah Swt Show his face
When Allah Swt Show his face

Allaah (rabbul izza) says:

”Peace be onto you O dwellers of Jannah” so they say ”O Allah you are peace, from you comes peace, blessed are thou, how high and exalted are you” So Allah says: and look at the honor: “Where are my servants who used to worship and obey me having never seen me? they never saw Me, someone told them believe, they said we believed in our Lord”

“Where are those who believed and obeyed having never seen me?” So they say, O Lord we are please, be pleased with us so Allah says: ”If i wasn’t pleased with you i wouldn’t have put you in my Jannah” so ask for something else today as the day of excess” so all of Jannah join on this and they say ”O Rab show your face we want to look at you” So Allah orders for the hijab to be removed and the hijab of Allah is light.

You will see your Lord like you would see the Sun at its noon or the moon at its full and if you want: there will be faces looking at their Lord, looking so much so that Allah will talk to some individually and say:  ”Do you remember on this day and on this day you did this and you did this?” and the Muslim will say: O Lord won’t you forgive me? Allah says”It is my forgiveness that has brought you here”

May Allah make us of those who will lay eyes on the blessed face of Allaah on the day of judgment.

May Allah honor you and protect you and guide you and guide you for your patience. (Ameen)

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) tells us: No one is single in Paradise. Adam (peace be upon him) was given Hawwa’ (Eve) and everyone that enters into Paradise would be given a spouse. Who that spouse is? It depends. Allah says: ”Enter you and your spouses into Paradise”

Enter you and your spouses into Paradise

First and foremost, those that were married will enter together. The scholars say that the first relationship that Allah created in the world was that of Adam and Eve. For between human beings even the parent and the child relationship came later.

Ibn Kathir goes through these possibilities of what would happen in Jannah for people, he says for example that someone you loved in Dunya but you were unable to marry for some reason, you’ll be married to that person.

Or it could just be a heavenly spouse. So it wasn’t someone from this world or someone that was desired in this world but you’re given a heavenly spouse.

Sisters ask all the time about the Hoor al-Ayn (spouses) for men, what about women? There is no such thing is impermissible in Paradise. A person can have whatever they want but Allah addresses that which is common and that which is known.

We really have no restrictions in Paradise but the point is that The Prophet (peace be upon him) says that there is no person that’s single in Jannah, just like Adam (peace be upon him) was not left single in Jannah.

Let’s say that you enter into Jannah with your spouse, I actually have people come to me and say: “If going to Paradise means I’m still going to be with my wife, it’s not Paradise!” or “If going to Paradise means he’s still going to be there, it’s not really Paradise!” “Can I get to Paradise and can I switch out husbands? Can I switch out wives…?”

It’s not going to be like when you enter Paradise. It’s not going to be like you again, can you go to that other house in Paradise, can I have my own space in Paradise.

Because in Paradise, there are no grudges, no ill feelings… you might work out your problems before you get into Paradise

There is no dissatisfaction in Paradise. You will love your spouse in Paradise, whether a spouse that is heavenly, or a spouse from people of the Dunya… whoever it is, you will love that spouse.

Something beautiful that the Prophet said about spouses in Paradise that every time a person sees their spouse in Paradise, that they would see that their spouse is more beautiful than the last time they saw them, and you would say to your wife “you’re even more beautiful than the last time I saw you”. She would say: “You’re even more handsome than the last time I saw you.”

Meaning, part of Paradise is that Allah makes the spouses perpetually more attractive, more beautiful, more loving… so Allah grows that interest and attraction so that the bond continues to get stronger and stronger in Paradise.

We ask Allah to enter us into Jannatul Firdaus with our spouses and companionship with our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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