All praise be to Allah.
One of the most important things in life is Nikah yet Nikah Nama (Marriage contract) is one of those things that we never pay much attention to. It is something that all couples must read before entering this sacred relation.

In today’s modern world where much hype is given to women’s rights and gender equality in society, many people fail to give a little thought to the marriage contract, especially our sisters. It is not considered important enough. My dear beloved sisters why don’t you struggle to find your rights in your Nikah Nama?

The reason is we never try to read all rights of woman in Nikah Nama (Marriage Contract) and other’s take advantage of it and cancel all the rights in Nikah Nama without her permission. Islam gave huge respect and rights to a woman for her protection in all era. Then we should research on the rights of woman. So here are some rights that are written in the Nikah Nama:

1. Your husband has no right over your earned money. It is up to the wife, if she wishes, she can spend it on house or other things. But if she doesn’t then the husband cannot force her.

2. A husband not only has to provide for the household but also meet the expenses of wife’s personal use. And this is mentioned in Nikah Nama.

3. A wife can demand money for breastfeeding a child and Islam gives her this permission.

4. After marriage, consent of both the partners is necessary for intimacy. If the wife is not ready, the husband cannot force it. Forced intimacy is considered as marital rape and a wife can sue her husband for that in an Islamic court.

5. A husband has no right over his wife’s heritage. It is not obligatory for the wife to give anything of her heritage to her husband. If she wishes, she may.

6. It is the husband who has to spend on the marriage ceremony according to his capacity. Neither the man’s family nor the woman but the Man himself.

7. There is no dowry in Islam but a husband has to pay Mahr to his wife which is agreed by both the parties.

Islam teaches us about simple marriage.

It’s very sensitive matter to resolve. We should be aware of each and every content of Nikah Nama. It’s not about to just sign Nikah documents. There are also many other rights in Marriage Contract that every woman and man should know before marriage.

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