signs of dead heart

Signs of Dead Heart

Signs of Dead Heart

1. Intentionally leave the Salah.

Intentionally leave even one salah then the sin is very big. Those who do not pray will be punished in the Grave, in the Field of Mahshar and in Hell.
(Signs of Dead Heart)

2. Feel Calm Even though Every day of Sinning.

No indeed! The truth is that their hearts have become rusted on account of their evil deeds.
Surah Mutaffifin Ayat 14 (83:14)

3. Far From the Quran (Signs of Dead Heart)

There is no time in his life to open the Quran, read and pay attention to its meaning.
Then do they not reflect upon the Qur’an, or are there locks upon [their] hearts?
Al-Quran – 47:24

4. There is no time to think about Deen.

Those are the ones over whose hearts and hearing and vision Allah has sealed, and it is those who are the heedless.
Al-Quran – 16:108

5. His life is just making bad thought on people and looking for the wrong people.

Oh you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption.
Indeed, some suspicions are sinful.
And do not spy, nor backbite one another. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of their dead brother? You would despise that! And fear Allah.
Surely Allah is the Accepter of Repentance, Most Merciful.
(Surah Al Hujurat:12)

signs of dead heart


  • A solid heart with a knot tied around it.
  • This is the corrupt and hard heart.
  • It is the heart of a disbeliever.
  • It is a heart that has rejected the truth after it reached him.
  • Such a heart is sealed by Allah in punishment of its rejecting the clear truth.
  • The solid heart is incapable of benefiting from the remembrance of Allah and accepting the call towards His message.
  • It is the heart of the hypocrite believer who outwardly claims to accept the truth but inwardly denies it for the petty gains of this life.
  • It is also the heart of the Faasiq (the disobedient Muslim) who has not entered Islam completely.
  • This heart perceives things inverted; it sees this world as more important than the hereafter.
  • He persistently disobeys Allah by following some of His commands while leaving off others to fulfill his hearts’ base desires.
  • It craves and strives more for this world than worry and prepare for the hereafter.

Erase the past with repentance and build the future with sincerity and good deeds.

May ALLAH forgive us and guide us all.

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