Sadness and worry are a part of human conditions. Life is a series of movements. The best way to tackle disaster is PATIENCE. Now the question is where our patience comes from.

It’s a necessity of life we’re going to be tested and therefore patience is required. But where do we seek this patience from? Well, the first place we seek patience is from our spirituality our connection with Lord and that was the way of the prophets as well. The prophets when they were struck with the calamity when they went through hardship they use their patience. They knew that they have to be patient in this movement and they turned to their lord.

Remember the story of YAQUB (AS) when he was going through a severely difficult time in his life i.e. losing his beloved child. What did he do he said ‘’I ONLY TURN TO ALLAH I COMPLAIN TO ALLAH WITH MY GRIEF AND MY SORROW’’. That is the way of prophets that is the way of PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH)

Once Ibn Abbas (RA), he is away from his home on a journey with his companions. Meanwhile, Messenger (PBUH) comes and whispers something into his ear. He immediately turns around and faces the Qibla and offers 2 Rakahs of prayers. Now his companions trying to figure out the matter so they ask Messenger (PBUH) what news you brought to Ibn Abbas the messenger said I brought him the news of the death of his son.

After offering the Sallah Ibn Abbas was asked by his companions that you heard news of the death of your son instead of weeping or do something like that you simply offer 2 rakah of salah.

He replies to them haven’t you heard ALLAH (SWT) what he tells us that ‘’those of you how belief seeks help in patience and prayer’’ ‘’Allah is with those who are patient’’. That was the understanding of Ibn Abbas (RA). That was the education that PROPHET (PBUH) gave to his companions.

May Allah guide us…… May Allah grant us goodness

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