just a virus



*Just A Virus And The Whole Earth Is On Panic!

*Just A Virus And Businesses Are Shutting Down..

*Just A Virus And Citizens Of Nations Cannot Move Around The Way They Wish To Go.

*Just A Virus, And The Nations We Look To As Developed Nations Are Being Threatened..

*Just A Virus, Educational Institutions Are Closed Up..

*Just A Virus All Religious Sites Are Closed

*Just A Virus, And The World Market Is Collapsing

If An Ordinary Virus Could Do All These, Imagine What Will Be On This Earth, When The Day Comes, When Almighty Allah Brings The Earthquake.

O Allah! Give Us Understanding To Obey You and To Follow The Righteous Path. What Is Going To Happen On The Day, Ask Yourself!

Give Us Understanding Oh Allah! To Prepare For The Hour In Which There Is No Where To Run To

Brothers And Sisters! Make Use Of This. Seek For Forgiveness From Almighty Allah And Turn A New Leaf..

Ya Allah Make It Easy For Us. Forgive Our Shortcomings, Sins & Grant Us Protection & Your Mercy, Which None Can Unless Only You.

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