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Prophet Muhammad () said in a Hadith that don’t curse the shaitan.

Because when you curse him he becomes emboldened, he’s bigger he becomes bigger than your house right, he’s proud instead say Bismillah just say in the name of Allah and he will become smaller than fly so the Prophet () gives us very specific examples of how to disarm the shaitan, how to completely take him out of the equation.

So He says for example when a person enters into their house, if they mention Allah’s name and then when they sit down to eat, if they mention Allah then shaitan says to his companions, the devil the head devil says to the rest of the devils you have no place to spend the night tonight and you have no food tonight, there is no residence for you and there is no meal for you.

Prophet () but if he who enters into his home without mentioning the name of a Allah then the shaitan says to his companions :

You have found your place to sleep tonight and you have found your dinner for the evening. Prophet Muhammad () mentioned that when we become intimate with our spouses, He said when one of you is about to become intimate say Bismillah ”which is in the name of Allah, Oh Allah protect us from the shaitan and prevent the shaitan from approaching our offsprings”.

Subhan Allah, I mean your thinking about this even as you’re about to become intimate with your spouse, you talk about being aware of the shaitan’s plan and so on so forth, the Prophet () said if you make that Dua, if you were to have a child as a result of that particular moment or that particular encounter, the Prophet () says the shaitan would not be able to harm that child so by you saying Bismillah invoking Allah before even your intimacy, shaitan loses any share in your offspring.


You know if we take it beyond Bismillah

And I know that this is a common thing you know there’s this idea that if I just play you know the tape, well we don’t have tape recorders anymore, if I play the mp3 or if I’ve got you know Quran running in the household and it’s blasting out loud that it’s gonna run the shaitaan away but you have to do your own recitation, It’s not enough to simply play the audio and it’s good too, I mean you should be listening to it but that’s not enough, you need to be doing your own recitation because it’s not just about clearing the house from the shaitaan, it’s about purifying your tongue and purifying your heart with the recitation of the Quran, with the recitation of the name of Allah.

Prophet () said about specific you know specifically Suratul Baqarah for example, Prophet () said ”Do not turn your homes into graves” Prophet () said indeed the shaitan flees from the house in which Surah al-Baqarah is read and shaitan would flee from that house, he has no place and you choose to read the longest surah in the Quran, shaitan will run away from your house, shaitan flees from your house.

Prophet () also particularly mentioning Ayatul Kursi

In the narration of Abu Hurairah (ra), Prophet () said that whoever recites the last two verses of Surat al-Baqarah that will protect him for the night that will suffice him for the night so you know it starts off with the mention of Allah and then filling your heart with the mention of Allaah and the remembrance of Allaah so shaitaan has no place in your heart, filling your thoughts and thinking about Allah, busying your thoughts with how to please Allah and how to better serve Allah through knowledge.

You know committing yourself to good deeds and pleasing Allah and all of these things give shaitaan no place in your life and that’s the idea! Don’t create room for shaitan, don’t give shaitaan room in your life, if you give him that space he will occupy it because that’s what he’s looking for. If you don’t give him that space in your heart, in your thoughts, in your house, in your family, shaitan will have no place in your home.

And we ask ALLAH to protect us from him.

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