How to make your wife happy?

1. Be a Good Listener:
When your wife is upset; listen, listen and listen. Resist the urge to offer advice unless she asks for it, and don’t get defensive. Just listen, and show her that you are trying to understand.

2. Give Her An Unexpected Gift:
Every women love gifts. Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. You can surprise her with a single item according to her needs or choice.

3. Speak About Her Interested Topics:
This is true that you may not be interested in a topic like your wife. But don’t show annoyed with her. Try to show your interest also for sometime. As a result she will be pleased with you!

4. Be a Good Friend:
Try to be a good friend of your wife. If you take her as a good friend, she will feel more freedom to explore herself with you and your family. This will make your relationship healthier. Share your happiness and sadness with her.

5. Help Her In Household Duties:
If you help your wife in her household duties she will be incredibly thankful to you. It may not be possible regularly for you; but it should be occasionally.

6. Be attentive in intimacy.
Intimacy (emotional and physical closeness) is important to women. Sexual intimacy is one of the most essential things in any marriage. So, this is important to make her happy. Be gentle and take things slow. Communicate what you both enjoy to have a happy marriage.

7. Tell Her She Looks Beautiful:
Women tend to be heard on themselves regarding their looks or beauty. Most women are shy about their bodies. Tell her she is beautiful.

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