We have a very great issue that needs to be tackled and that is the issue of pornography, that is available in these social networking applications and sites and apparatus and the skurge or the Menace is such that it has gone to those as young as six and seven years of age who have come up later on and confessed as to when they had started (Astagfirullah) I ask forgiveness from Allah. What they might Term lowering their gaze when it was actually not lowering it.

They will tell you I was looking down at my phone. If you what you were looking at was nude and unacceptable ‘By Allah’ my brothers and sisters it has an impact and it leaves a mark on your brain, your heart, your spirituality is damaged, it’s like a Ferrari going into a wall and believe me even if it is repaired, people would know, you would know this car is damaged it’s no longer as it was.

Keep yourselves away from it, ‘By Allah’ it cannot bring about any goodness. Pornography will only damage you.

It will only make you do the absurd, it will make you a person who has no morals and who thinks everyone else has no morals as well it will make you fed up of your status that Allah has given you as a male or a female to the degree that what you might term to be adventurous in terms of developing a link with the same sex.

Would actually be a contamination of your mind by the devil and it’s something that is absolutely prohibited by Allah. There comes a time when Muslimeen people who are supposedly uttering the Shahada (Lailaha illallah Muhamaddur Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) there comes a time when people who have uttered that Shahada, when they get hooked onto such dirt on their phones, on their laptops and tablets and so on they begin to think of changing their gender and some of them have gone ahead and tried it and some of those have come back to regret when it is too late.

This is why it’s an open matter if you watch the Western world they get fed up, they get fed up of their lives. What is termed freedom, they are tired of exposing their bodies, they are tired of people praising them and now they get a kick out of the same sex praising them.

People are talking about it, people are encouraging it yet nobody is going to those who have regretted and perhaps created a club of those who have done regretful items in their lives, perhaps create a forum of those who have regretted the body that you have my brothers and sisters is a trust from Allah.

You are not supposed to be using it and doing what you want with it according to your whims and fancies but it is according to the will of Allah, whatever Allah has permitted is permissible and whatever he has prohibited is definitely something you should be staying away from.

People are fed up of their lives, they don’t know why they are living whereas Allah says ”I have not created mankind or jinn kind except that they worship Me” which means except that they do that which I have ordained that which is not prohibited that which is in order to please me that which has within it. The consciousness of my self Allah says so what is your aim in life brothers and sisters.

My aim is to prepare for the day meet with Allah, that’s my aim, everything I do in my life I need to ask myself that will this help me the day I meet with Allah. If it is not going to help you ask Allah forgiveness (Ya Allah forgive me) I have done so many bad things, the world loves me but if you don’t I have lost and if the world hates me but you love me I have gained.

I ask Allah to guide every Muslim to the right path and protect us from this big sin (Ameen)

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