First Question: How should i know that the Islam is correct religion?

Second Question: How will i come to know that Islam is the truth?

Third Question: Jesus (pbuh) said that if you want to enter jannah, you should keep all the commandments and follow all the laws mentioned in the Old Testament. How in this age can we follow all the laws of old Testament?

Answer: Islam comes from the word (Salam) which means peace. Its also derived from the Arabic word (Silm) which means to submit your will to God. Islam means peace acquired by submitting your will to Almighty God and for any book to claim that it is a message from God, this book, this religion should stand with the test of time.

Previously it was the age of miracles and the Glorious Quran is the miracle of miracles, later on came the age of literature and poetry and Muslim and non Muslim arabic scholars together they claim the Glorious Quran to be the best available literature on the face of the earth but today if the religious book says in a very poetic fashion the world is flat, will a modern man believe but natural no because today is the age of science and technology so if we put this test of science of technology to all the religious scripts that we have available today.

All of them will fail except Glorious Quran and i have given the lecture on the topic of Quran and modern science (Compatible or incompatible) and i would like to mention that the Elbert einstein said that [Science without religion is Lame and Religion without science is Blind]..

Let me remind you the Glorious Quran is the not the book of science but it is the book SIGNS and there are more than 6 thousand Signs,the more than 6 thousands versus of Quran out of which 1 thousand talk about science so if you compare the scientific facts that we have come to know we find that which science discover recently may be 50 years back, 100 years back, 200 years back. The glorious Quran has mentioned 1400 years ago.

The Quran speaks about the creation of earth in (Surah Ambiya: Chapter 21. Verse 30) what scientist discover recently about the big bang. What they discover 100 years back, its mentioned in Quran 1400 years ago. We previously thought that the light of the moon was its own light and recently we came to know that the light of the moon is reflected light not his own light.

This is mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago in (Surah Al Furqaan: Chapter 25. Verse 61) tell me who could have mentioned all these facts which we came to know recently. In this way the Quran speaks about botany, biology, zoology, am biology about genetics all we came to know recently in science, 50, 100, 200, 400 years back so if you put this test of science today to all the religious scriptures. The only religion scripture which passes the test is Glorious Quran.

Today science hasn’t advanced so much that it knows everything so i tell the people if you analysis the Quran you will come to know that approximately 80% what the quran speaks about science and today science has confirmed that its 100% correct and may be 20% which is ambiguous neither right neither wrong so my logic says when 80% is 100% correct the balance 20% will also be the correct so its a logical believe and there is not a single verse of Quran which has been disproved by scientific facts.

There may be hypothesis which may not agree with the Quran but there is not a single verse in Quran which has been disproved by scientific facts that is the reason william moore (Critic of Islam) said that the only religious scripture that has not been altered and has maintain its pure form is the Glorious Quran so based on these facts the only religion we can think and can understand and can believe its is truthful and correct it is the Quran and as far as the third question is concerned and let me tell you that your question was very good and very logical.

How can we in this age follow everything of the old testament which is very difficult and i agree with you and that is the reason Jesus (pbuh) also said in the Gospel of John (Ch: 16. Verse 12-14) I have yet many things say to you, more than you can now bear but when He, the spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth, He shall not speak of himself, all that He hear shall he speak. He shall glorify me.

Here Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is predicting the coming of the last and final Messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that means Jesus (pbuh) knew that everything what is mentioned in the Bible cannot be followed later on may be a few centuries later and that’s the reason he was talking about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) so at that time may be it was possible to follow the rules and regulations mentioned in the old Testament and the new Testament but the Jesus (pbuh) said in future when the last and final Messenger Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) comes you should follow him so if you have to be a good Christian today, Besides believing in one God, you should also believe in Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Hope this is the answer of the question…. Masha Allah brother cavin Revert to Islam.

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